Big News. We need to talk.

May 19, 2022

I’m not good at small talk. You should have seen the faces on some of the guests at my father in law’s 75th birthday party last weekend when they asked what I do and I spoke about the Great Spiritual Awakening and conscious lawyers building the next legal system. Let’s just say I lost a few of them. But 2 of them got it and one of these people opened her heart to me about her own life journey and struggles and I was able to pour some love and support her way. That’s all we need guys: just one open heart and mind who’s open to what you’re here to bring and then you set aside the voice of your ego (“oh my God what are people thinking???” and you shine. Oh and I listened to my soul's intuition to write and recite a poem about my father in law's life - even though my ego said "we do NOT have enough time for this" - and the feedback's been extraordinary.

So no small talk, it’s time for a heart to heart. 

I want to help you shine. 

I want to help you listen to your soul and bring forth what is inside you.

I'm here to help you REALIZE that you're a wonder worker, with so much to offer to the world that you probably haven't even tapped into yet. You've been so busy beating yourself up that you're not good enough, or ready enough or not something enough to start shining your essence into the world. It’s not your qualifications and titles and legal knowledge you’re here to shine into the world, those were just part of the process. It’s YOU, your LIGHT, that you need to shine and I’m going to help you find it. 

That’s why I created a programme for you called Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul. 

And though it’s taken over 5 years since I first received the inspiration to create it, I had to battle my own ego for a LONG time to get it into the world. But it turned out I needed every MOMENT of that struggle against my ego - nothing was happening TO me, it was all happening THROUGH me - because how else would I be totally familiar with what it’s like to be held back by all your self-limiting beliefs that stop you doing the work you came here to do? 

But I did it! I overcame all those doubts and I am LAUNCHING it today! There won’t be champagne corks popping (not least because I don’t drink alcohol…part of the 44 years of preparation I was doing to make this programme for you involved cleaning up from addiction and alcoholism age 24 but that’s a story for another day.)

So no champagne for me but I am CELEBRATING! (going to movies with my kid and his buddies) because it is important to CELEBRATE our achievements, to look back down at the valley and smile instead of constantly looking at the peak we have yet to scale.  

If you're an awakening lawyer, then the beautiful offering you want to make in the law is of great interest to me, because my own spiritual guidance has made it clear helping you is what I contracted to do in this lifetime.

I'm betting you give yourself a hard time for not having it all dialled in. But it's a flipping lot we have going on! We are living in CRAZY times. The fact we are getting up in the morning and still showing up for LIFE with open hearts and open minds is AMAZING!  Just focusing on a BETTER EARTH right now is a triumph, when everywhere you look they are trying to divide us, and make us despair about the state of things.

If you are managing to keep your heart focused on love, to take care of yourself and your loved ones, to show up for your clients with compassion and respect, to overcome the inertia or anxiety or other weird energetic states that come from living in a time where the world is literally shifting from dark to light, if you are still TURNED TOWARDS ALL THAT COULD STILL GO RIGHT WITH THE WORLD, then

You are a miracle.

And the world needs more miracles right now. 

If you are a lawyer and you are disheartened and disillusioned by the way law is currently practised yet sense you may be here to birth the next legal system, then I built this Programme for you. (and me) 

  • I have what Brene Brown calls a “vulnerability hangover” because I have shared a lot about my life experiences in this programme. But it felt necessary

  • You won’t find a course like this for lawyers ANYWHERE else. It’s that unique. 

  • watch the 7 min video on the programme page to tune into whether it's right for you
  • If you are reading all this and KNOW already that you're a legal lightworker - you could join the 6 month Legal Lightworkers Academy, and get Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul for FREE as part of it.  

  • I was divinely supported throughout the process and continue to channel fascinating messages from my spiritual guides about the next legal system and specific lawyers' paths within this.
  • The aim of the programme is: To help you to reconnect with your Soul which will direct you to your unique path in the law and how to overcome all obstacles in your way.

  • I’m damn proud of myself today for listening to my soul.

  • My ego is still full of doubts that I am choosing not to listen to - including fears that the tech won’t work and links will break and clients will get annoyed. (I'm going to the movies for the day anyway!) 

So there you are. Heart to heart over - unless you want to comment and I'll checkin with you later! 

A few revelations about Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul 

If you curious about what you have inside you that needs to SHINE into the world, take a look at Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul which is built on my new website, and online training platform, Kajabi! (Doing this has also given me a TON of ideas about how to help entrepreneurial lawyers get their work to the world…more about that soon). 

Whether or not you choose to purchase the course, I hope you’ll have a look around the new Awakening Lawyers website, courses and offerings. Send a link to a colleague who may be interested, but above all, please listen to your soul. 

We’re at a really critical juncture in the history of civilization. 

The only way we succeed is if we focus our hearts and minds on the world we wish to create, not the world we currently see. This requires you to start listening to your soul which will direct you to act from LOVE, rather than the ego which comes from FEAR. 

I'm going to be messaging you a few times in the upcoming weeks because SO MUCH has been coming through me while I've been incommunicado building the back end of the business. 

It's time to SHINE your beautiful soul and my guides have plenty of assistance for ALL of US.

warm regards

Amanda Lamond





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