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The Metaphysical Council of Law 

Welcome to this unique council of legal thoughtleaders who are called to birth the next legal system based on higher consciousness, a new understanding of conflict, and above all, on LOVE. 

An invitation to lawyers who are called to build the next legal system - one that is way beyond what 99% of humans can currently imagine.   

I'm a Legal Futurist, a Soul Coach to Lawyers and a Spiritual Channel. The last bit means I work with a variety of spiritual guides, and channel messages for lawyers, as well as receive information about what I am here to do.

In December 2020 I had a vision while meditating of a council of lawyers I was to convene. I kind of forgot about it until, in a conversation with Kim Wright in January 2021, she asked if I had thought about convening some sort of council/ committee/ group of lawyers interested in working on the legal system metaphysically. “Yes, I saw this in my meditation last month!” I told her. I soon channelled this message: (you have to admire the way our guides are so direct yet tactful - they know I have a habit of "busyness") 

We wish to remind you of The Metaphysical Council of lawyers. The time is coming for this to be convened. We know you have many other projects on your plate which are important and deserving of your attention. We remind you only that there are certain directives for this lifetime which you agreed to undertake and therefore at times priority must be given to the projects we instruct you to undertake.

There are to be 12 members of this council. But the number will come and go in the beginning stages so do not worry about this. Energetically the power of 12 will be very strong in this group regardless of the number of actual people that may be present.

You are to gather the lawyers online as physical gatherings at this stage are not very easy to arrange. You will instruct them that you are gathered to receive the frequencies for the coming legal system. Higher frequencies of harmony will be sent via this group to emanate outwards. Many of you will not feel anything, others will feel a deep sense of wellbeing, almost as  if a radiant glow had passed through their bodies. You can share your intentions for what each of you wishes to see in an emerging alternative legal system and to imagine collectively as each person speaks, that this were indeed the case. So allow each speaker to draw a picture for you of something they see in the new system.

You have been preparing for this for many lifetimes. Do not think for a moment you do not have what it takes for this work. And that it will be joyful and all you wish for.

 Of course I have the “who, what me?” going on. But I’m overriding those voices and proceeding in faith.


I'd like to apply to join the Council

What is the purpose of this council? 

When you read the Spiritual Guides' explanation of the council, you'll see why it's beyond the ability of 99% of lawyers to understand this. But we only need 1% - and that's likely you if you've been guided here. 

To receive the frequencies we transmit from the higher realms t the earthly realms in order to facilitate the creation of new systems on your planet that support the flourishing of all humanity.These beliefs are not yet real in the minds of so many people there who have been so heavily programmed in the last centuries that it seems idealistic to perceive or discuss a system in which every lifestream is revered and sanctified and law is a holy practice. Thus you are working with those who are at the forefront of a new era, who can see beyond where most can at this time. At the same time, they are individuals with a drive to bring about change so as well as holding the vision, they will birth it into the world through books and podcasts and seminars. 

The council will anchor these new frequencies in every corner of the world. Bringing in the new beliefs and anchoring them into the crystalline grid as it reprograms itself to hold positive imprints not the dramatic, painful imprints it once held. 


This calls to me, I'm ready to apply to join the Council

June 2021 I ask who the members of the council are supposed to be:

The people intended to be part of this will make themselves known to you. It is necessary that you start to send the beacon out, so to speak, in order for this energetically  to have a presence so that those intended to be part of this can find you. 

Do not worry about how to do it all, or worry about getting it right. Only know you must take these first steps so that the energetic presence of this mission can be established through this group. 

July 2021

There has been much progress. People are awakening to new frequencies and there is change taking place on a daily basis on your planet right now. Much of this will be indiscernible. Do not become discouraged by any apparent lack of progress. Remind yourselves that changes are made first energetically, then only do they become apparent in the 3rd dimensional world. The people with whom you will work in the council are aware of this. 

We are satisfied that the gathering went as intended. Thank you. Now we ask that you begin preparation for a larger gathering to take place on 16 August. This will be a gathering in which further frequencies will be channelled through you to the group. Also, some will feel called to talk about projects they are working on, and the signs and symbols they have been receiving, which in some cases may be in the form of dreams. You understand that we reach people with any of the means at our disposal to break through the egoic conditioning so that we can communicate directly with the unconscious. It will be helpful if you speak with us every day to keep the channel open – and as you are now being told by multiple sources, to protect your energy. 


These are the type of lawyers who may be drawn to this council:

You sense the need to raise the collective consciousness of humanity through healing the legal system, but it's overwhelming.

You sense that your spiritual path is as important as your legal work.

You're starting to understand that the legal system’s blind perpetuation of conflict is caused by its inability to understand that conflict does not lie outside of us, but within us. 

You’ve developed EQ and coaching skills in addition to your legal training, to better understand the human psyche so that you can assist yourself and other lawyers.

You value your intuitive abilities as much as your cognitive ability these days. 

You may have discovered psychic or metaphysical skills but you can't quite see how to integrate these into your legal practice. 

You know you're here to do BIGGER work in a BIGGER WAY. 

You are ready: 

  • to STEP UP NOW. 
  • to TRANSCEND ANY OBSTACLES, including SELF LIMITING BELIEFS about time, money or worth  
  • to do whatever it takes to fulfil your earth mission as a legal lightworker
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Stop fighting for the legal system to change - here is why

Everywhere people are struggling to make sense of the changing world and their place and role within it. Multitudes of lawyers are finding their hearts and minds awakening to the possibility of birthing an alternative legal system that re-humanises the law and is built on higher consciousness values such as truth, justice, compassion and equality. Yet we are still experiencing the creations of our previous collective consciousness so we feel stuck in these outdated and dysfunctional systems which include the medical system, the education system and the legal system. We feel powerless and many of us are medicating to cope with this deep sense of “wrongness”. 

There is a fundamental concept of which many people wishing to birth the New Earth are not fully aware. The ignorance of this truth will sap all your energy and sabotage your efforts to change the system.  Most of humanity has been labouring under this illusion for eons. 

We cannot fight the existing system.

Our legal system (as experienced in the exterior world) is only a reflection of our collective consciousness. It is an “outpicturing” of what we hold in our minds. This is true of all our external reality - it has to exist in consciousness in order to come into physical form. Everything you experience in your life today is created in your mind first whether it’s your relationship, your job, your home, your diet, the type of body you have, your health or your experience in every moment. As we change our minds, the external reality changes - but there is a lag! We are in the middle of this lag - we are in the “meantime” or the “meanwhile” or “the liminal state” as the world balance shifts from predominantly dark to predominantly light. In this “meanwhile” we are still seeing the effects of humanity’s previous consciousness. (Just as your body is a reflection of what you’ve eaten in the last few weeks, and not just a reflection of the healthy diet you started yesterday.) 


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This is Me.

I’m Amanda Lamond, an ex attorney who ran for the hills when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers.

Awakening Lawyers are legal professionals who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

It's taken me 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career and to undervalue yourself. I'm now living my purpose which is supporting YOU to fly so that together we create the next legal paradigm our planet  is crying out for. 

You can learn more about me on

We call upon you lawyers of the light! We speak to those who are here to give birth to a new civilization in which humanity reclaims their divinity. We will guide you in finding clarity on your paths, both individually and collectively. We can assist you in seeing what may be standing in your way. Join a high vibrational community and together you can shine a light on the path ahead.

You are not alone and never have been. It is time to come together in service of a higher good. The transmission of your ideas will be far stronger as a collective.  It is time to shine your light as brightly as you can into the world. Know that we are always with you and that there is no such thing as things “not working out”. All is in Divine order. Remove fear from your thoughts.

~ Channelled Message for the legal lightworkers joining the Academy

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27 October 2021

this is what we were directed to discuss in the council meeting

What have you received with regards to the future of the legal system? Does it seem so far away now? A system where lawyers are energy healers? How might you hasten this? How might you support one another to explore new practices that shift blocked energy in your clients? 

There are many shifts and changes upon the earth and of course it is wise to meet at times such as these, perhaps with more frequency to feel the support of those who are able to understand some of what is transpiring. We know that this is the most wondrous time in Earth’s awakening yet we are also aware of the personal challenges that many of you will be experiencing. We know that you have probably been guided to multiple sources of information - and this may seem enticing as you attempt to grapple and make sense of what is going on! But tonight we draw your attention to this egoic need for all the information. This is still very much a 3D reality which, please understand, will continue for some time as one cannot catapult into another dimension without energetic damage. Therefore imagine it as a process of shifting from say, a petrol based car to a biodiesel one. One cannot simply put in the new substance, the car must be prepared first to use the fuel source in a different way. You will be receiving higher frequencies now, but the body, and the mind must adapt day by day to the new energies until they are more established, regulated, harmonized with your being. 

We ask this group to remain beacons of light for others during this time. Above all, this means maintaining the vision of a better earth for all. Many are terrified and fear apocalypse, as fears surface. It is your role to carry the new frequencies into your lives, your work and your messages - more than what you say it is the energy with which you act that ripples outwards. Do not take actions from fear. We do not say you must not feel fear, for that would be a tall order would it not! When you feel fearful, learn to sit with it awhile, let it pass through the body and then you will be able to see how it is just a response from something imagined. Fear is created in the mind. So change your mind. Yes, we know this is easier said than done.  What we most wish you to let go of is the need to understand it all! More will be revealed as they say. Focus on those activities that bring you peace. Read spiritual materials that bring you peace. Spend time with others with whom you can be at peace. Learn to observe yourself more than you ever have done so before. Use the new frequencies to have a higher perspective on yourself - “ah, look I am triggered by this thought” you may observe  or “I am feeling sad today, let me make some place for this sadness”. You are already aware these are the components of a mindfulness practice and many of you have this practice already. What we ask now is that you develop your ability to hold this detached viewpoint more and more often. 

Many are unable to do this. As part of what is happening in the world, people are being confronted with their fears on a daily basis in order that these can be brought to light. But this means many will not be able to see the world as you do. They are not able to speak of ushering in a new earth or even to speak of higher frequencies. This may seem like mambo jumbo to them as you know! So hold your inner peace. Do not be drawn into the battles of right and wrong, the division and the spirals of fear in which so many are caught. 

As lawyers you are sought out by those who are in the greatest pain around fighting their own creations. “This is not what I want!” “this is not what i deserve” they may cry and it is a challenge to work with unawakened ones to help them see that everything they experience is of their own creation. You will need to tread lightly as you bring about a new understanding, and importantly, often this will be done energetically - NOT by explaining “you have created this!”. Instead by holding a higher frequency of love over fear, those in your presence may start to shift. 

We ask this group to remain beacons of light for others during this time. Above all, this means maintaining the vision of a better earth for all.

The Role of Legal Lightworkers

For thousands of years humanity has been programmed to see other people, especially those who are not like us, as something to protect ourselves against. Throughout the world we have legal systems that “other” people, incarcerate people and dehumanise people. The law puts people against each other, whether they are companies signing a JV, spouses getting divorced or employees joining a company. Both consciously and unconsciously the law, even in democratic countries, has been used as a system to oppress and divide people based on their income, their race, their gender, their nationality or other differences. 

But we are awakening en masse now in a planetary event known as the Great Awakening. It is happening in waves which means right now only the forerunners see what’s occurring and what is required. Some of us are only just beginning to find words to articulate what we know intuitively.  

In this awakening of our consciousness 

  • we are starting to see each other as spiritual beings having a human experience, not as “potential enemies”, “people waiting to screw us over” or “animals” 
  • We become aware that we’ve been programmed by a thought system based on scarcity and fear 
  • we realise everybody is a sovereign being, a soul with a unique set of circumstances that has perhaps caused that soul to lose its way
  • we ponder whether our responsibility as evolving human beings is to help that soul find its path again, not to chain it up or destroy its sense of self on the witness stand
  • we begin to understand the nature of reality and in so doing, we realise that anything in the the exterior world, including the legal system, is only a reflection of our collective consciousness
  • we realise the system can only change when our consciousness changes and so we begin the inner work 
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February 2022 Channelled Message about the Council's directive for creating the next legal system


The time is approaching for you to solidify this council to do the deeper work for which it has been created. Healing conflict energetically and seeing the results of this healing in tangible ways that inspire all of you to new levels of practice. It is a holding council, a council who hold the very high frequencies required to transmute karma for others which is possible now, but was not possible before. For millennia humans have been trapped in cycles of suffering, and unable to exit, they continue to create more suffering for themselves. Now the knowledge has come to the planet that this is no longer necessary. By working on the inner planes, you can transmute the karma held and that way release the conflict in the interior BEFORE it manifests in the external world. Once it has manifested in the external world, it is not too late to transmute it - though it takes more effort. Remember that for things to exist in the external world, there must be a mind or minds in which it is held, once it is no longer held in consciousness, it cannot exist in the 3rd dimensional world. Your role therefore is to dissolve the thoughtforms in a person’s consciousness that keep the conflict alive. And the reason they keep it alive is that they are coming from fear and the ego has been triggered. Once the ego’s voice is dulled, and overcome by waves of Divine Love, bliss, safety and harmony, then there is no need for the ego’s games any longer to try and defend itself or protect itself. These are the lessons taught in A Course in Miracles - "in my defencelessness my safety lies". As long as you see something to defend yourself against, you keep that thing in existence by virtue of its being in your own mind. Once you release it, it disappears. 

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