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Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul

A self-study programme to support lawyers in making sense of the call to revolutionize how you practise law in this time of the Great Awakening. 

An invitation to lawyers feeling called to align your spiritual path with your legal practice or to explore your desire to transform clients' lives not just treat their "symptoms". 

This programme is for:

  • Lawyers who have been pursuing a path of personal development and spiritual awareness
  • Lawyers whose worth is no longer defined by the pursuit of external recognition, material wealth, titles and academic degrees and qualifications
  • Lawyers who are working to re-humanise the legal profession 
  • Lawyers who see see themselves as peacemakers and justice warriors and advocates for social change
  • Lawyers who have transcended the egocentric beliefs rife in the profession that legal victory is all important; that they are better than their clients and that cases should be approached from a purely intellectual perspective
  • Lawyers who have developed their EQ and studied complementary disciplines to the law such as NVC (Non Violent Communication); and AI - Appreciative Inquiry.  

It is not easy waking up in a profession built entirely on ego. You have found yourself questioning the values of the legal system, the point of being a lawyer in a profession that seems to increase division and separation. You've likely been very lonely during some parts of the journey.  This programme is to assist you in de-programming yourself from the dysfunction of the legal system, so you can re-align with your own SOUL and start to hear again the guidance that has been there all along but was drowned out by all the noise from people telling how you should practise. 

This programme is designed to assist you to

  • identify your self limiting beliefs
  • get clearer on the fact you are creating ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCES (as are your clients)
  • give you permission to start listening to your Soul
  • outline the Universal Laws and new perspectives that Awakening Lawyers are using to create the next legal system

Central to our new approach is the belief we are here to resolve conflict in our clients rather than to resolve conflict for our clients. 

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Have you, like me, held back from shining your light as brightly as you can because you have been programmed to believe your spiritual gifts are less welcome and worthy than your legal skills?

You sense the need to raise the collective consciousness of humanity through healing the legal system, but it's overwhelming.

You know to want to help your clients at a deeper level than traditional legal practice allows for. 

Your spiritual path seems to call you one way, the law another. 

You've sensed that the legal system’s blind perpetuation of conflict is caused by its inability to understand that conflict does not lie outside of us, but within us. 

You’ve developed EQ and coaching skills in addition to your legal training, to better understand the human psyche so that you can assist yourself and other lawyers.

You're interested in learning more about your intuitive abilities. 

You are ready to figure out how to listen to your own inner wisdom even though this feels a bit terrifying.  

You want to start figuring out why you're really here dealing with all this STUFF that constitutes a human life! 

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If you're trying to decide if this programme is right for you, watch this.

What's covered in 

 Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul? 

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    1. Welcome to Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul  
    2. Healers and peacemakers don’t need to quit the law 
    3. Step 1 Develop a new cultural consciousness to see that it’s not YOU that’s broken, you’re part of a toxic and dysfunctional legal system.
    4. Step 2 Realise you are the predominant creative force in your own life 
      1. PART 1: Understanding and developing our ability to create consciously & the Universal Laws of Creation and why do they matter?
      2. Part 2: The premises of conscious creation; “there is only love”; Messages from spiritual guides for awakening lawyers
      3. Part 3: Personal stories illustrating the premises of conscious creation; be aware that your subconscious beliefs are directing events in your life 
    5. Step 3 Learn to be in the world but not of the world. 
    6. Step 4  Deepen your understanding that humans create conflict for their own evolution 
      1. Part 1: Why do lawyers need to understand this; the congruence of all the major spiritual paths trying to awaken humanity ; identifying your ego  self and your soul self; Several channelled messages about how we apply this thinking with clients so that we can usher in a new era in civilisation 
      2. PART 2: Deepen your understanding that humans create conflict for their own evolution & how this understanding changes how we practise; processing your own psychological trauma. 
      3. PART 3: How I reached peace regarding being a victim of crime when I was 24;  the karmic cycle and how we all play different roles in different lifetimes; moving from the psychological processing of an event to the spiritual processing of that event is how we set ourselves free; the responsibility of awakening lawyers to assist clients in ending their own suffering in this lifetime and the next ones
      4. Step 5:  Become aware of your self-limiting beliefs 
        1. Part 1: Self limiting beliefs 1 to 5; the human journey & individuation
        2. Part 2: Self limiting beliefs 6 to 12; Your focus creates your reality.
      5.  Step 6: Cultivate your intuitive skills through reflective and meditative practices 
      6. Step 7: Prioritise your connection to Source and maintaining inner peace to do so, this will change how you approach all legal work you do in the future and it will change your life. 
I want to start now! This sounds amazing!
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When you take Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul you are going to:

# Stop living by the to-do list and start living by your soul!

# Become aware that it’s only your ego holding you back with its constant reminder of all your “limitations”

# Draw in opportunities and results as if out of thin air with your energy instead of your actions

# Realise that much of what you’ve been carrying around that weighs so heavily on you is the negative programming of the legal profession

# Discover your unique ways to get back into flow and being able to HEAR your own soul

# Become aware of the bigger purpose you’re here for and at the same time, realise simply BEING alive and contributing your positive energy to the planetary transformation is ENOUGH 

# Start saying no to anything that doesn’t feel aligned without second guessing or apology

# Be amazed at the ideas that miraculously pop into your mind about what you can offer clients that is a natural expression of you just being you 

And so much more!


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I'm the Programme Facilitator

My name is Amanda Lamond, and I'm an ex attorney who ran for the hills in 2006 when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers.

Awakening Lawyers are legal professionals who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

It's taken me 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career and to undervalue yourself. I'm now living my purpose which is supporting YOU to fly so that together we create the next legal paradigm our planet  is crying out for. 

You can learn more about me on

We are a growing tribe of lawyers, law makers and law students around the world who have heard the call to build the next legal system. Most of us do not know what this means for us or for the world but we know better than to ignore our intuition which is demanding we go deeper. Deeper into our understanding that we are not just humans, we are Divine Beings creating the world we see with every sacred breath we take and every thought we think. Deeper into understanding our responsibility for creating a world we wish to live in and wish future generations to live in. Deeper into finding peace within, knowing that we cannot hope for peace in the world when we do not have peace in our own hearts and minds first. 

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This Course is for you if

  • You are called to contribute to the upliftment of humanity and a path of service to the greater good
  • You are committed to a spiritual path, including the deep inner work required in lessening the ego’s grip on your consciousness
  • You are drawn to understanding the world from a higher perspective because you just sense there is more "going on" than our limited brains perceive
  • You are curious about the possibilities of a radically different legal system and resolving legal disputes at a quantum or energetic level
  • You are open minded, open hearted and prepared to engage with unfamiliar ideas or differing perspectives

This is NOT for you if

  • It feels threatening to hear and think about the legal profession’s toxicity and dysfunction because you’re a lawyer
  • You're happy with your identity and don't see any need to try and "transcend the ego" whatever that means.  
  • You’re not that interested in subjects that sound esoteric
  • You follow a religious path that rejects the recognition of religions other than your own
  • You don’t enjoy having your worldview challenged. 
  • You hope this programme will provide all the expertise you need to immediately start lawyering from the soul.

"An unhealthy and limited consciousness view of conflict is that it is something that happens to us. An expanded consciousness view requires us to accept that because everything in the 3rd dimensional world is created in the human mind first, every conflict we experience in the world begins in an individual human or in the collective consciousness."

~ from Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul

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Kristin Jansen, law student, South Africa
"Amanda Lamond, you have helped and are helping so many and bringing so much joy and freedom into our lives. You have given me the courage this week to open up about my life, and with this has come freedom, and less shame. I'm learning to own my own truth/s. I am starting to perceive things differently, I'm growing. Already I am able to define or put words to what I have always felt I'm meant to be doing with my life and the puzzle is starting to unfold. Thank you."
Siphiwumusa Radebe, South Africa

"Besides the privilege of having access to information and resources that you provided us with through the course; I learnt from you about having the courage of acting upon your ideas. Taking action to translate them to reality and having confidence in myself."


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Anonymous Lawyer, South Africa on other Awakening Lawyers training programmes
"After watching this talk I simply had to come to the very humbling realisation that I am so so lucky to be part of this amazing programme and get to be inspired by such amazing thoughts. I'm really grateful. This unique and fascinating video saved me from the pressure of so many common narratives, like the obsession with looking for your path, and that life is not a journey!! It made me understand that essentially, there is no way. Your interpretation and understanding of things honestly doesn't have to follow a common thread and just because we're all going to be lawyers doesn't mean we have to all carry the same essence. There really is so much more to life than the set journey that is always imposed on us."

Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul


I believe we are guided in every moment - we just haven't learned how to tap into the guidance because our heads are too damn busy. If you've been led to this course, you'll know why. 

There's a thorough course description on this page, so you have a good idea what it's about. Now it's up to you. 

Do you close the page and tell yourself you'll come back when you've thought about it some more, or when you have more time or more money? 

How about closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, expanding your heart by thinking about people you love, and then from that still quiet place, tune into whether you want to go ahead and take this programme. There's a 7 day refund policy if you feel you've made a mistake after beginning the work. 

Trust yourself. 

I am currently invested in 2 online programmes which I LOVE and which are changing my life. It's my hope you'll feel that way about this programme and maybe go on to join the Legal Lightworkers Academy. 

In Lawyering from the Soul I talk a lot about energy. Money is just energy too. I've spent several months creating this course for you - well several lifetimes actually which you'll see when you take it!  To balance this investment of my energy, you invest in Awakening Lawyers. 

At minimum, for those who still think in terms of the billable hour, this might be viewed as 4 to 6 hours of your billable rate, depending on where you practise. 

If you have unresolved issues around money there is SO much out there to help you! I’m happy to share resources. There is ALWAYS money available to us. It doesn’t have to arrive in the form you thought it would. If you know you need to do this programme, decide that it’s done and call for Divine Support in making the money available to you.




  • Over 6 hours of content broken down into 14 easy-to-digest videos
  • This isn't a boring CLE course it's a HIGH energy soul exploration!
  • Workbook with questions to help you dive deeper
  • 2 guided meditations to embed these ideas at a subconscious level
  • Bonus training: How to Get Out of Your Mind

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