Awakening Lawyers have a vital role to play at this critical time as we usher in a new civilization on Earth. We teach clients that external conflict always originates within us. 

Amanda Lamond

Hi, I'm Amanda Lamond

Founder of Awakening Lawyers

 This is my Story

My name, Amanda Lamond, means “Beloved Lawspeaker” and I love that my name indicates my life path. When this occurs it’s called nominative determinism! I work in the intersection of law and spirituality as a Legal Futurist and a Soul Coach to Lawyers. It has been a roller coaster getting here! I started off qualifying as an attorney only to run for the hills when I realised the toxicity and dysfunction in the legal profession. I went on to be director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, law lecturer, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, and an organizational development consultant before receiving a clear vision in 2012 to create the Centre for Integrative Law in South Africa. In 2020 I was compelled to develop Awakening Lawyers on the prompting of my spiritual guides who support the emergence of the next legal system that humanity is crying out for. 

My spiritual journey has become as important as my career during the last 15 years and I’ve developed intuitive and psychic skills which include being a channel. This means I receive messages from the multiple spirit guides working with me and access my client’s guides to assist them on their life paths.  Lawyers tend to be so limited by the intellect and of course the ego, but learning how to tap into Universal Mind revolutionizes our evolution.

It’s taken me a long time to fully embrace all my skills and be comfortable with expressing all this publicly. I see my clients' difficulty in being all of whom they came here to be, battling against a restrictive profession firmly rooted in ego and current conventions. Yet here are many lawyers awakening around the planet at this time of the Great Awakening and it is with great joy that I am able to be of service supporting them in this process. Together we are creating the energetic and consciousness framework on which the next legal system will be based. 


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