Sexy, edgy, sacred, conscious REBRAND! Why not?

Jan 03, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},


Ta dah! This is the new Awakening Lawyers branding. Hope you like it! I asked a few people and then got the best advice: what turns YOU on? And I decided to trust myself and go for GOLD, with a pyramid. I liked the previous turquoise but it was a "cold" colour and I'm a pretty warm person ;-) All my colours and backgrounds are warm, my office is wooden all over and so I wanted something that felt more "me". I also wanted it to be a little edgier and sexier because that's how business is feeling to me these days. I coach lawyers how to transform their practice into one they LOVE and can't wait to work in so just as well I feel that way about my business! I'm working with 2 Canadian coaches who run Designed To Scale - a programme to help entrepreneurs (mostly coaches) to get their work into the a scalable way. More about that in a moment. Did I hire a designer? Nope! I LOVE Canva and it makes everything so easy!

I made a mood board - because they are fun! And I grabbed a couple of images in Canva that kind of represent a new consciousness. I thought about the "yoga" person graphic I chose last year and wondered if people would think I only work with lawyer yogi's! I saw a gold triangle in my meditation on my brand and felt it represented both the pyramids - which I am fascinated by, particularly the fact that they were built in special ways to activate our consciousness to access multiple dimensions. The triangle is a symbol of the Trinity as well as the trinity of mind, body and spirit. Having the meditating person in the triangle shifts the symbolism to going within - an essential part of all the work I offer.



On my search I also found that meditating in your OWN pyramid is totally a thing! I mean who knew???



I encourage my clients to go deep with their branding. Think about who you came here to be. What is your Divine purpose? What moves you? How are you of service to humanity in these troubled times? You don't need to use the traditional scale image! You get to be whoever you want to be. Again and again I am seeing that the public is ready for a new type of lawyer, one with a deeply human, compassionate side. A lawyer who is a guide, a facilitator, a wisdom keeper. I wish you so much joy in finding your creative expression in your brand. I've never offered branding advice specifically before, but it's something I will definitely be incorporating into my offerings to Awakening Lawyers.


ALL the things I'm learning in the courses I take are things lawyers running their own practices really need to know.

  • how to create a brand that shows who you really are
  • how to niche your offers so you're doing what you LOVE and makes you come alive vs what you think will pay the bills
  • how to scale the parts of your business that are scalable - ie if you're a divorce lawyer, could you create a programme that covers 50% of what you usually discuss with your clients - and therefore repeat a lot - and then leave the client consultations for the stuff that really needs your one on one help.
  • What parts of your expertise can you scale?
  • What parts of your system can you automate?
  • How can you attract your ideal clients that genuinely are a great fit for you?
  • How do you shift your limiting ideas around income so that you can charge what you're worth, without working ALL the time
  • and then of course my favourite - how can each of do what we came to planet Earth to do - which is likely if you're reading this to be about healing in some way, showing people a higher vision of how conflict can be resolved or new ways to contract, or better ways to mediate or different ways to approach a legal issue.


I'm heading back to producing content and figuring out the systems so I can focus more on TEACHING and less on business admin. I'm learning patience with myself and lessons about the foundations need to be in place to have the reach you want.

Awakening Lawyers is going to be a BIG company because I can see the future ;-)

Very soon I will be launching or relaunching these 3 programs:

Legal Lightworkers Academy

To provide powerful multidimensional support to those lawyers here to birth the next legal system to embrace their highest potential as legal lightworkers so that they can fulfil their earth mission with clarity, ease and prosperity. 

There is so much excitement building around this! It is absolutely ground-breaking. We will cover the new legal "technologies" that will replace law as we know it. I don't mean computers so much as QUANTUM MECHANICS! We'll look at dissolving conflict energetically, calibrating the consciousness of contracts, numerology and so much more.

Legally Free 

How to create a Conscious Practice that Aligns with your authentic self and gives you the freedom you desire to help people and live freely. A container in which me and a whole bunch of awakening lawyers with thriving practices COACH you as you transform your practice to something you've only dreamed of.

Awakening Lawyers Students Mentorship Programme

Another round! This time with students from ANY COUNTRY.

Reach out if any of these landed with you!

Final comment for the day: KEEP SEEING in your mind a world where everything DOES work out for the good. Where this time is a RESET to a more conscious and beautiful and free world, not a totalitarian computer-driven nightmare. It is VITAL that we choose the ending we desire. Do not give in to stories of doom and gloom. Yes there is much suffering, but there is also the most extraordinary awakening of human consciousness that has ever been known in our lifetimes, and the lifetimes of our parents, grandparents and even great great grandparents.

Here's to the unfolding of the next era of conscious law practice, based in helping people RETURN TO LOVE.



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