Our negative thoughts about a person binds us energetically to them Hello {{first_name}},

Jan 05, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

A new world of law


Warning, I am going to use the word “love” here when I talk about lawyers. And when I use “Divine Love” I am not talking about how you love your partner, or love chocolate - rather I'm using it as one of the many words the Greeks have for love, and this is “agape”. This is love as a principle. It is an almost unbelievable love because of its power. It’s also been described as the love God has for mankind. In English we could call this Divine Love.

If this language puts you off, see if you can find a way to stay with the overall message, and not the words. If you cannot resonate at all with what I write here, then, as I’ve said before, we are not a vibrational match so you’d be better served finding an “executive coach” who can keep trying to help you work within the existing system, even as that system is disintegrating.

Lawyers and the Great Awakening

Many lawyers are feeling out of alignment with themselves at this time and this is increasing rapidly resulting in many lawyers leaving the profession or at the least leaving their current roles to find ones that are more aligned.

Large law firms are reporting massive levels of stress, so much so that lawyers are being forcibly booked off work and mental health professionals called in.

Unfortunately the levels of mental overwhelm will continue over the next year or two or more unless we change from the inside. These are not changes that can be made externally.

Lawyers who live in a scarcity mindset around time and money - which is how all legal training has conditioned us to be - can only perpetuate the beliefs that there is not enough to go around, to their clients. We are thus part of the problem. Most lawyers are also trained to “win”. When it comes to the age old saying “would you rather be right or happy” - lawyers choose being right most of the time, again because we are TRAINED TO. I’m learning the hard way - mostly from my marriage - that this need to be right is not helpful! But it kicks in because I have a legal mind. I immediately see the flaws in my husband’s reasoning and point them out - even though once my central nervous system has recovered and I am able to remember this is the MAN I HAVE CHOSEN ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD TO BE MY PARTNER and that I LOVE HIM and that pointing out the weaknesses in his arguments is a really dumbass way to move forward in whatever we’re arguing about… So I keep doing the work to notice if I’m triggered and PAUSE and try differently. Often I don’t get it right, but many days I do.

We can only begin to actually bring about the healing needed in the world right now by healing ourselves. Lawyers need to choose new belief systems such as

a) there is enough for all

b) conflict arises to teach us things

c) by changing our beliefs we can often heal a legal situation without resorting to court

d) when a client works on their issue energetically and is at peace within themselves and with the other parties to the issue, the contract is written easily, or the deal is walked away from, or the other party “magically” decides to settle.

How to begin this work?

Let’s begin with yourself:

How often are you being critical of yourself?

We understand that you need to be aware of the things you wish to improve, but we recommend you take a more neutral position on these things and then, begin to work on improving what you wish to improve.

Begin to be more kind to yourself and have compassion for your journey…

Now, let’s look at how you see others:

How often have you had an opinion or judgement of others?

Keep in mind that all negative emotions and thoughts toward others binds you energetically to them and these negative energies.

Then, the negative energy will return to you and will manifest itself in some form in your life.

It also prevents Divine Love from entering your being.

Remember, when you are judging someone, you are energizing the very thing you are seeing in them.

That causes great harm to the other person and eventually yourself.

Judgement and criticism is one of the biggest obstacles to attain a high level of Divine Love.

So start with you.

How can we help clients resolve their problems when we are enmeshed in the same frequency of their problems with our scarcity, our fear and our insistence on being right?

I have no idea where you may be in your personal awakening. But I trust you are where you need to be. If you are ready to start raising your awareness, try this:


Zoom out for a moment in your mind as if you’re looking down at yourself, now move further away and then further and then imagine you can look down at the whole earth, and at all the lawyers and all the legal training that is offered and all the things lawyers do.

Think about the wars, the greed, the division between people, the carving up of sacred land, and rivers and fights over ownership.

Think about the approaches of our ancestors - who tell us the land can never be owned. That decisions need to be made with the 7th generation in mind, because polluting a river affects the next 7 generations, at least.

Think about the division in families in a system designed for warfare that is being used in domestic settings. Think about the children who say divorce is like having bombs dropped on their home.*

Think about the employment contracts drafted in a way that pits employer and employee AGAINST each other before the employee has even stepped foot in the office.

Think about the vastly inequitable distribution of wealth and the now widely accepted fact: you can get away with anything provided you can pay enough lawyers to get you off.

Think about the lawyers you may have come across who are awakening to new ways of practising where they aren’t slaves to the legal system, sowing further discontent and divide in their wake. Instead, they are invested in healing and leading balanced lives, and playing a critical role in helping humanity get along.

Does some part of you know this is possible even if you haven’t experienced it personally yet?

What role do you want to play in the world going forward?
What did you come here to do?

Are you getting ready to do it?

The biggest barrier is fear. That’s where we will start if you want to work with me.

Lawyers have such a vital role to play in the Great Awakening. But you need to be ready.

Reach out just to say hi, if you are. And if you’re not, I’ll keep sending things that may hopefully assist. If this all sounds whack to you, then goodbye dear one, may you find all you dream of.

Humankind is only just beginning to tap into our EXTRAORDINARY POWER. What we can "know" in terms of intuition outweighs anything we can learn with our cognitive ability. This is a hard one for lawyers because we built our whole identities on being right, and being smart. But now it's time we learn a different way of being so that we can be part of creating new systems that serve humanity at this time.



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