Oh. My. God. Moment.

May 18, 2022

Oh. My. God. What if everything was about to get so much simpler and easier in your life? What happens if moving towards FREEDOM and JOY requires doing THE OPPOSITE of what you've been doing all along?

Tonight I have just hopped off a coaching call with one of my coaches. She is FABULOUS. I wasn't all that excited about the call but some part of me said "you're going to attend this one to find your mojo which she is great at doing". 

Here I am. My mind is blown because the message of tonight was EXACTLY what has been coming up for me everywhere this week. In fact, it is something I have also been READING about for 20 years. 

Every spiritual development you've ever read will have focused on this. 

It's almost so common it feels ridiculous that  THIS is what brought me to tears tonight. 

It is BEING in the present moment. 

And it's like the key to everything that is hidden in plain sight. Yet few are turning the key. 

If you just go still, really still, and start to breathe and expand your awareness into NOW, and feel the physical sensations in your body, and then ACCEPT the present moment exactly as it is, no resistance, something shifts in your awareness. Your energy changes. Everything changes. (More on this in posts to come).

Let go. Zero judgment. Let go of any thought of this moment, situation or circumstance not being how you wanted it to be. Nothing. It JUST IS. It’s just this moment and you are in it, so fighting it is futile. The moment you drop into this space of awareness, you can access your multi dimensional self. 

The whispers of what this moment is FOR will come to you. 

You do not need to plan. 

You do not need to obsess about the past. 

You do NOT need to figure things out. 

Just be in this moment. Now. In complete surrender. 

You will be shown the next step. And if not, then you’re being called to practise staying in the now a little longer. Just BE. Resist ALL desire to get busy, to distract yourself. And the idea upon which you are guided to act from a place of inspiration or alignment or practicality will appear to you.  

If you resist it you are fighting against it but to do so, you have to be thinking about it. This sucks because you unwittingly keep re-creating that thing you really don’t want. 

You can’t think “this isn’t where I want to be” because where the SOUL wants to be is in the present moment! Then it’s connected to Source! This is the ONLY WAY to connect to Source while in human form so when we’re not in the now, we’re LOST. 

That’s why it’s all been so hard for us on this beautiful planet, so far from home. 

But we’re chasing our own tails! We are looking everywhere and doing everything TO FIND OUR GODDAMN SELVES. And all along we were RIGHT HERE. This is where we are FREE. In the present moment, not resisting anything because resisting means FIGHTING LIFE because life only happens in the now moment. 

This will LAND inside you when it is meant to. It took me 20 years or more on this topic. Ahem. Zero judgment.

I have heard this message 1000 times and it never landed like it did tonight. 

Everything we all want we will be led towards if we can be present in this moment, not resisting anything. 

In this state we are guided in seemingly nonsensical ways towards our greatest desires: to be of service in the world, to be fulfilled, to live in abundance, to love and be loved; to be free. 

Take the next guided step. 

You will NOT be shown the whole map. 

It doesn’t work like that. 

You DON’T get to plan it all out. 

You get led by the hand. 

But only if you stop letting your MIND control the show.

Go Inside. Your Divine I Am Presence awaits you. Divinity inside you. The Light of God is inside you. 


And then we take our clients there so they are guided by their own Soul, Pure Consciousness to what needs to happen in their legal/ relationship/ business issue. YOU as the lawyer do not need to figure this out - and definitely not with your mind. BOOM.

But that’s the second half of the work I do with lawyers.

I have lightbulbs going off in my head tonight! The whole POINT of Awakening Lawyers is clarifying in front of my eyes. What bliss. I want to help you do this with your work.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the tears we shared on the Legal Lightworkers’ call today. Tears that come when we’re working with soul. 

If any of this is speaking to your soul, who cares what your CRAZY mind thinks!


You can explore this magical space of soul with me in the ways listed below.

SO MUCH love to you tonight.

For being here. Reading this. Knowing this is important means you're one of my people. That makes me feel happy and connected.

I just want to spread this - and give you some love if you're struggling. It's not an easy time to be alive. But Oh. My God. The help is right here. Inside us.


Amanda Lamond

I created this list of how I can help you along your path as an awakening lawyer. 

Free Resources:

  • Download for free The Lawyers’ Guide to the Great Awakening
  • Click on the “blog” tab on the website and read some of the past newsletters to get a feel for what I teach. 
  • Watch the videos on the website, one on the homepage, and then there are videos on the Sales pages for each programme. 
  • There are a few videos on Youtube - I’m in the process of updating this, because my thinking and consciousness has shifted SO MUCH since those trainings. These were all prior to launching the Legal Lightworkers Academy and the Metaphysical Council of Law towards the end of 2021. You could watch Introduction to the Integrative Law Movement 

Ways to work with me

  • Take the self study course Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul. I’ve kept it under $500 for now. It’s the fullest expression of my soul and identity’s experiences at this time, made with love to serve awakening lawyers. I feel called to charge more for this soon because weirdly, I think clients will value it more. 
  • Have a channeled reading with me as part of the Soul Clarity Package - hear what your spiritual guides have to say about your life path! It’s an extraordinary experience as my clients tell me. 
  • Join the Legal Lightworkers Academy, a 6 month container where you get to hang out with other lawyers deep in their spiritual journey, which is both an internal one and the external one of navigating how we offer our fullest selves to create the next legal system now that we’re fully owning our power as legal lightworkers. You’ll receive Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul for free as part of the foundation for this program, and automatically be part of the Metaphysical Council of Law meetings that happen monthly. 
  • Want more personal time with me AND a channeled reading or two? I offer 3 month coaching packages. We always make sure we’re a good fit before embarking on this. 

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