COVID brain fog & Gratitude

Dec 22, 2021

Hello {{first_name}},

Covid brain fog

I'm finally personally experiencing this virus that has changed the world. This illness that will forever be known as the turning point - we just don't know to what. It seems like it has heralded a swift end to democracy in many countries whose democracy seemed unassailable. But that's not what I feel like writing about this evening.

It's day 6 of this virus invading my body. I won't bore you with details - but will mention it's likely the science fiction named Omicron, though my home testing kit isn't variant specific. I will say this one spreads fast - I had a meeting with a friend and colleague for 3 hours on Monday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon he told me he'd tested positive and by Wednesday night I was aching and by Thursday I had full flu symptoms. My sense of smell left yesterday. I mostly slept for the first 3 days. Now I just have the chronic fatigue I've heard so much about.

My brain feels thick. Worse than pregnancy brain! Thoughts don't quite line up as I'd like them to.

It is strange lying in the spare room while the life of my household goes on around me.

I miss physical contact a lot. Last night I stood, masked, in the doorway of my son's room watching him sleep, and yearning for the day I can climb in and snuggle him, and kiss his sleeping head as I usually do.

I made a gratitude list when I started feeling down:

  • I have an extraordinary husband who's keeping everything going seamlessly. (I promise this isn't payback because you went to Antarctica last month ;-)
  • I get brought all my meals through the window.
  • I have all the medication I could need. (including ones banned by some governments - I'm listening to my doctor rather than government when it comes to this sort of thing)
  • I have a spare room and bathroom to isolate in. A luxury millions only dream of.
  • I have a view of trees and mountain and can lie here with the door open onto the garden. (the photo above is outside the room I'm in)
  • I have caring friends sending me messages and a sister in law who dropped off meals.
  • It seems I have the mild variant for which I am eternally grateful.
  • My dog is curled on the bed. It's helped a lot with the sense of isolation.
  • My kid has put the step ladder at the window so he can easily thrust drawings through the window, show me crystals he's picked up or run around the house and bring me things like incense or my ear plugs.

I am incredibly aware of the enormous privilege of my life and how different my experience is of having COVID under these conditions, compared to many in the world living in crowded, or unsanitary or unsafe conditions.

It feels like COVID related news fills the airwaves day and night and now my body too. It has felt like there is no getting away from the stress and madness of it all.

I am going to make a deliberate attempt, with the support of some close friends, to shield myself for a few days from anything COVID related. My head needs a break.

I have channeled some interesting notes on the different dimensions - and how as lawyers we will assist our clients most if we can operate at a higher vibration than the client presenting with the conflict. I'll be sharing these in the next few days if the brain fog doesn't win out!

If you have uplifting news or stories that might keep my vibration high as I get through the next days of isolation and fatigue, I'd be most grateful.

Sending love to you all, and hopes for more peace in the world as more awaken


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