Are you seeing more dark or more light?

Dec 31, 2021

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It's always darkest before the dawn. A lot of people are struggling right now. For some reason this week it's been all male friends who've reached out to me for help. Each has completely different circumstances but all are struggling: with doubt about whether the world is going in the right direction as we see a clamping down on human freedoms unlike we have seen in our lifetimes. Another is overwhelmed by multiple changes at once, moving, money, uncertainty, insomnia. Another's relationship has fallen apart. I think it's harder for men to reach out for help because society doesn't allow men the development of a vocabulary and the opportunities to process difficult feelings. I want to encourage anyone reading this to be a better listener. Have deeper conversations. Don't let friends brush you off with "well I'm fine really" when you know there is more going on. We need each other.

We also need to focus on the BEAUTIFUL AWAKENING happening in the world and not only the darkness. Things look like they're going to shit if you watch the news. But there is SO much good happening too that does NOT make the news. You may wonder why we are seeing such suffering, tyranny, abuse of human rights, explosions of things like child pornography - it's because the darkness must be brought into the light for it to be healed. It's the same thing that should happen in a court case: the darkness must be exposed to the light of day so that it can be healed. Unfortunately this is often done in such a way that the victims of crime feel even worse and the criminals get away with murder. Healing through the law is absolutely possible, but the intention to heal must be present and the level of consciousness of those facilitating the process is paramount. It is not their degrees, or their cognitive ability, it is their level of consciousness and their intention.


The most recent heartwarming example I saw of this was the restorative justice programme run in prisons in the US by ex prisoners Prince Bunn and Paul Taylor along with Sylvia Clute who you can read about here. Their programme aims to shift the consciousness in those incarcerated so they can start life anew. Participants are taught accountability and forgiveness and new ways to resolve conflict other than resorting to violence. I was fortunate to catch just part of the talk in the PISLAP Intensive series (PROJECT FOR INTEGRATING SPIRITUALITY LAW AND POLITICS). Here, I found a Youtube video of these remarkable people.


I have had such beautiful conversations in the last 10 days!


Fernanda is Brazilian, and is a beautiful woman inside and out - notes from our chat include her saying:

Earth is like a big hospital. We are all here to heal each other.

In the future there will be no more lawyers.

We cannot regard other humans as enemies.

She does conscious contracting work and mediation. I'll be writing more about her soon.

Geraldine Johns-Putra

I spoke with a fascinating and open minded Australian, Geraldine who is host of the New Earth Lawyer podcast She's holding RADICAL conversations with lawyers. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by her.

Idara Bassey

Idara (pronounced Ih-dare-uh) is a soulful and regal woman with an infectious laugh who brings wellness to lawyers. You can learn about Idara through Geraldine's interview with her on her podcast here. Idara is also an artist. You will definitely be hearing more about Idara from me.

I share these brief glimpses of these amazing awakening lawyers with you so that you can be reminded there are lawyers who are FREE and JOYFUL and LIVING THEIR PURPOSE and HELPING PEOPLE while HEALING THE LEGAL SYSTEM. We don't have to settle for struggle and survival, constantly battling the clock to make enough billable hours. We were sold a model that is like slavery and lawyers don't like it and nor do their clients. The great news is : you are FREE to practise law in your own way. Sure it may mean you need to set up on your own at some stage, but the freedom begins INSIDE YOU. By being the authentic you, not wearing a mask with clients. By choosing your working hours and not being available to clients around the clock unless you're dealing with death row.

You may not even know the ways in which you could create more freedom for yourself. That's why the AWAKENING LAWYERS LEGALLY FREE MENTORSHIP programme is launching soon. So that those who have found better ways, can share their learning.


If you are a lawyer skilled in conflict: you've done NVC courses, mediation courses, conscious conflict resolution courses, then I believe there is a duty on us at this time to help those around us, our families and communities who are struggling to see past their fear and rage and division over Covid related issues. Let's use our hard won experience - as AWAKENING LAWYERS to show others that making other people wrong never leads to peace. People on both sides of the jab debate are fearful: many of Covid, some of losing their jobs, some of the world not ever going back to normal, some of putting novel ingredients into their bodies that could have side effects.

  • Can we step in as trained conflict facilitators and show people they have more similarities than differences?
  • Can we show people there are ways to take the war out of words?
  • Can we show people gently that the more emotion is ruling us, the less we are able to use our cognitive ability - it's neuroscientifically proven.

Again I come back to the words of Charles Eisenstein - that instead of asking "what side are you on?" we should ask "what is it like to be you?"

with love and hope for more peace in the world



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