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Awakening Lawyers Student Mentorship Programme

A 90 day online Programme to help students explore what it means to be an awakening lawyer and to be mentored and assisted with all the course trainings in a small group by an experienced awakening lawyer.


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 "Despite the confident, active, competitive, rational, logical and clear headed image of the law student, the iner world of the law student appears to be quite different...They outwardly project a self confident image while internally feeling awkward, defensive and insecure. It is likely that this conflict develops in law school."

~ Professor Susan Daicoff in Lawyer Know Thyself

Does this sound like you?

You decided to study law because you felt you would be able to help people as a lawyer but so far no one has really mentioned this much in your studies.   

You've heard lots of stories about the dysfunction and toxicity of the legal profession and you're wondering if there is another way to practise or if that's just how it is.

You’re anxious about the stress of practising law because you're only in law school and you're already pretty stressed out! You're starting to wonder if you have what it takes to be a lawyer after all.   

You wonder what the options are for your career but so far it seems there is the BigLaw option or human rights law and you're not sure where you fit in. 

You think about the concept of law being a noble profession yet you know everyone makes jokes about lawyers being sharks. You're curious about what sort of lawyer you'd like to be but you've had zero time to even think about who you are. 

It seems utopian to ponder whether you could really be a lawyer who helps people, transforms lives and is an activist for social change - and so you certainly have not dared voice your dream let alone your fears to anyone. 

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If you're trying to decide if this programme is right for you, watch this.

What's covered in  

The Awakening Lawyers Student Mentorship Programme

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This is a personal AND professional development programme for law students  who want to do world-changing work in a heart-centred way.

It is designed to help you:

  • to see conflict in a new way
  • to see the role of lawyers in a new way
  • to become a changemaker
  • to think more deeply about what you came here to do and what may be in your way 
  • to connect with an extraordinary group of mentors from 5 continents who want to help you THRIVE in your career and bring about much needed change 

In short, this amazing TRIBE of 25 mentors who are lawyers practising law with OPEN MINDS AND OPEN HEARTS are going to share with you all the things they wished they'd known  as law students. 

The best guidebook you can get if you want to bring about change in the law is the extraordinary Lawyers as Changemakers by my colleague J Kim Wright (which I am holding in my bio picture). We'll chat about the book during the course. We will also talk about Lawyers as Peacemakers, Kim's earlier book also published by the American Bar Association. 

Hang ten this isn't open for registration yet!
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When you take the Awakening Lawyers Student Mentorship Programme you are going to:

# Stop seeing your career in law as a range of the limited options you were sold in law school

# Become aware that there is a whole world of lawyers working in new ways to reclaim law as a noble profession and one that actually helps people 

# Realise it's not only OK but NECESSARY that you don't have everything planned out so that you can stay ATTUNED to what wants to happen THROUGH you. You don't yet know the type of lawyer you came here to be and that's fine. 

# You will learn how to listen to your intuition so that you can draw in opportunities and results as if out of thin air with your energy instead of hours of actions that lead nowhere

# Realise that all law students carry massive self doubt and anxiety that weighs so heavily on them. This negative programming is the biggest limitation to your success - not your marks or anything else. 

# Realize you have a UNIQUE part to play in creating the NEW legal system and everything you may have suffered through has been preparing you for it. You are not LESS than anyone else because of what you have lived through. 

# Develop relationships with lawyers who practise law in mindful, compassionate, conscious ways that you don't get shown in law school. 

And so much more!


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I'm the Programme Facilitator

My name is Amanda Lamond, and I'm an ex attorney who ran for the hills in 2006 when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers.

Awakening Lawyers are legal professionals who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

It's taken me 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career and to undervalue yourself. I'm now living my purpose which is supporting YOU to fly so that together we create the next legal paradigm our planet  is crying out for. 

You can learn more about me on

We are a growing tribe of lawyers, law makers and law students around the world who have heard the call to build the next legal system. Most of us do not know what this means for us or for the world but we know better than to ignore our intuition which is demanding we go deeper. Deeper into our understanding that we are not just humans, we are Divine Beings creating the world we see with every sacred breath we take and every thought we think. Deeper into understanding our responsibility for creating a world we wish to live in and wish future generations to live in. Deeper into finding peace within, knowing that we cannot hope for peace in the world when we do not have peace in our own hearts and minds first. 

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Kristin Jansen, student from 2021 cohort, South Africa

"I am super grateful to Amanda for this programme & to my mentor Ashleigh, who I just knew from our first message that the Universe sent to me.I cannot find the words to express my gratitude – I have learnt so much, I feel in such awe to be in ALL your presence and I am in awe of all of you! This programme has taught me and given me so many gifts but has mostly encouraged me to honour my authentic self, my values, that I am worthy and to practice more self-care. To trust the journey. That I don’t have to fit into a box."

Student from 2021 cohort, South Africa

"Everything that I am learning in this programme is so helpful not only in deciding what my options are after my degree, but my emotional wellbeing and my personal relationships are beginning to flourish in a short amount of time. I'd really love to share this knowledge with as many law students as possible. I want to show others this different way of practicing law."

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Lindsay Swain, student in the 2021 Mentorship Programme  

"Wow wow wow ! After watching the first video, I instantly felt inspired and filled with glee. I recall one of the questions in the application for this programme was what do we expect out of the programme and I answered that I hoped the programme would change my perspective on the working world of law. This 40 minute video alone has done exactly that ! Every aspect of the video resonated with me."

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  • You will begin your participation in this mentorship program by researching your mentor online, via Linked in or their website or whatever links they have provided. It is important you show an interest in learning about them and it will help you start to think about what you may learn from them.
  • You will write a formal letter of introduction to your mentor and attach your CV (don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can amend it, maybe your mentor will even assist, but this is good practice to get your CV dusted off) 
  • You will agree with your mentor on appropriate times and dates for your mentorship sessions and what platform to use (probably Zoom, but up to you)
  • You will take notes from the sessions and undertake any assignments or journaling prompts your mentor may give you
  • You will complete the Integrative Leadership Training modules by watching all the videos, reading articles, doing some exercises and engaging with other mentees and mentors about your insights. 
  • You will participate fully in all Mentorship sessions with your mentor. 
  • You will close off your participation in the program by writing your mentor a formal letter of thanks. Please note it’s up to each mentor whether they wish to continue the mentorship relationship after the program ends. 


Lundi Mqina, student from 2021 cohort, South Africa

"This is just to reflect on the impact the Mentorship Programme has had on me.

Besides the privilege of having access to information and resources that you provided us with through the course; I learnt from you about having the courage of acting upon your ideas. Taking action to translate them to reality and having confidence in myself. I applied for the MediateGuru ambassador position you sent us information about and I got accepted. Today we had the privilege of hosting one of the mentors from your programme and I won't back down until I host you!"

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Siphiwumusa Radebe, student in the 2021 Mentorship Programme 

"Everything I have learned in the mentorship programme has been helping me and echoing in my mind and heart at school, yoga mat and in all my circles! My spirit has been ignited. I want to thank you for being an answered prayer through this program for my current and  prospective wellbeing in the field. You bared yourself before us with your personal testimony and with each guide, speaker and exercise and it has been impactful in my life.

I want to personally thank you for pairing me with Dr. Sam Hardy as my mentor. She is such a force, I learned so much about what it took for her to get her degrees, start her business, give back to the community and be present for her family! This is all in line with the path I am on, so seeing someone walking it and encouraging me too feels like a welcome confirmation. I will keep updating the Awakened Lawyers Tribe on the happenings in my life because I do believe I have found a tribe for life!"

A message channelled via Amanda Lamond for Law Students in 2020

"Greetings to you beautiful beings. There are so many changes you are experiencing in your lives right now that it can feel like you’re being dragged forward faster than you are able to go. Trust that all is as it should be and you are able to cope with all these changes and not only cope, but thrive, as you step into new ways of operating in the world. Some of these are regarding how you used to study versus new methods of processing information and making sense of it. In a way one could say injecting more of yourself into what you read and study. So that you are no longer a blank recipient of information but that the learning process becomes a kind of dance and the information enters your mind, is processed through the brilliant lens of your own thoughts and then is shown to the world when you release what you have processed, back into the world. We hope this does not sound more complicated than it is! Perhaps, more simply put, the way that knowledge has been traditionally handed down in many institutions was exactly that, a handing down, a passing of the baton – what is required now is that you engage more deeply with the subjects. Realize that you are not a passive recipient of others’ knowledge, but an active creator in new knowledge. There are times when you simply need to show that you have understood certain concepts before you can make them your own. What we most wish to convey to you is a sense of your own agency. You  have the ability already to think critically about what is put before you. Now that you are no longer attending classes, there is far more emphasis placed upon YOU, upon your own mind, your own thoughts. 

Every time you let fear and worry take over your mind, you shut off your ability to receive, both knowledge and wisdom. This is because fear acts as a barrier, it prevents you from receiving the insights that your own Higher Mind is trying to give you. And it prevents even the words in front of you from making sense. You have all felt this on occasion. Think back to a time when you were panicking perhaps. When you were not even able to make sense of what was written in front of you. So be aware that a large part of what you are called to do currently, is manage your fear and anxiety, so that your mind is free and open to receive the work in front of you AND to receive the guidance of your own Higher Self that assists in the assimilation of the new thoughts and concepts. Remember you are required to integrate what you have learned – not absorbed and regurgitate it, but to integrate it. Therefore, although it may seem counter intuitive, more time spent studying does not equal better results, What yields results is paying attention to the state of your being, your mind, your emotions. And when calm and balanced and confident in your abilities, you take in information at twice the speed. Can you not see that this is so? Take time each day to nurture yourself, to calm your mind. Remind yourself of the bigger picture when you have become so focused on one test or paper that you have forgotten the enormity of your life! Shift perspective, walk outside, feel the sunshine on your face, and when you once again have a sense of the Bigger Picture as you sometimes call it, then return to your work." 

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