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Journey to Freedom 

Who is this course for?

This is for you if you are yearning for PEACE. You're tired of feeling like it's so so fucking hard trying to be a better person, wake up earlier, do more yoga, practise mindfulness, eat better, get more done while being less stressed. 

You came here to understand creation - that is a GIVEN. If you're still creating less than desirable experiences in your life, REGARDLESS of the details of these unwanted experience (maybe it's low self esteem, overwork, high conflict relationships, not enough money, high levels of anxiety...) these are all CREATED by you on an unconscious level. J2F will help you really understand this at a deep level. 

This is for you if you're sick of all the programs and media trying to "heal you" and "fix you" and make you do ALL these new things to be a better version of yourself.

This is for you if you are tired of trying so hard, and still feeling like you're not enough. 

This is for you if life still feels a struggle even though you're nailing it in some areas. 

This is chill.

There is nothing TO DO in this program. You don't need to show up to multiple sessions at specific times. 

All you need to do receive these blessings is listen to the daily meditations. It's highly likely you will then feel called to take notes and journal about the realisations you're having. It's also likely that you will want to share with others what you're discovering and that you'll appreciate knowing what they are taking away, or how they've applied a certain lesson or perspective. 

What made you so wise that you think you can help me? 

Great question 🤣. You can read more about my life in the bio section but let me be clear: I channeled this course by listening to the Council of Light, an extraordinary group of spiritual guides I've been working with since 2012. They use my own thoughts and life to bring it through, but know that I didn't write the scripts and then record. I pressed record and then listened really carefully to what I was being given. It's like taking dictation. So there is a wealth of wisdom in here, that's not from me, Amanda. It's why I enjoy listening to the course too! And I can't remember what's in the audios most of the time! 

I guess my only other response to this question would be if you're entering any experience being that cynical, you're setting yourself up for failure. The best thing you could learn right now is that your EXPECTATIONS create your reality. 

Am I wise? Mmm. Right now I'm evolving faster than I thought possible. I weep with gratitude about 10 times a day and am being given experiences in higher dimensions. Are the tastes of ecstasy and discovering your divinity worth it? 5000% yes. You will simply yearn to be IN THE LIGHT when you taste it.  So yup, I'm finally owning that I have a lot to offer seekers on the awakening path. 

Is this program for lawyers? 

I created Journey to Freedom with lawyers in mind because majority of my clients are lawyers. But  I realised the lessons are not lawyer specific at all.

I'm personally on a path of RADICAL SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. I'm suddenly seeing that 80% of my work is to be AN ASCENSION TEACHER, helping humans awaken by becoming aware they are unconsciously creating their own suffering. We ALL come here to learn this and until we do, we suffer. The other 20% of my work is helping lawyers and legal clients, to see that any legal issue has been unconsciously created this for the participant's soul evolution. And because it's created from a pattern we hold INSIDE us, we can only heal it by going inside. The legal issues stuff - that will be recorded in J2F part 2  - I'm on it! 

Whoever you are, if you're reading this, please know THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS, there are no COINCIDENCES. Life is one constant call to awaken. You can sign up or scroll on or tell yourself "I'll come back to this". All up to you. It's a planet of free will. 

What you will learn:

  • You didn't come here to suffer dear one! But OMG it's a tough school when you haven't understood creation...
  • You don't need to take this program. Don't take it out of neediness. That places so much pressure on you and on the course!   
  • Rather take it from DESIRE to set yourself free. LISTEN to your body as you read this. Does it feel like I'm just trying to sell you something you don't need or can you hear your soul nudging you forward? That would feel like a quickening, a "yes" feeling inside you (it will OFTEN also feel a bit scary!)
  • This is about your spiritual awakening, to the enormity of who you truly are, a Being of Light.
  • You’ll learn you’ve been feeling trapped in human form, and limited by your own beliefs but you don’t need to be, any longer. 


Journey to Freedom is a 21 day course with 15 to 18 audios & 3 video trainings. Most of the course is meditations. They are beautiful channelled messages that will touch your soul. You listen to them WHEN you are able to. 

This program is not ADDING to your to do list!

It’s about setting you free, from all that was never meant to be. 

 All feedback says being in the group was one of the best parts. You’ll realise the blessing of meeting other humans awakening along the way…

You really don’t need any more information than this. 

Put one hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself “is this going to serve my soul’s evolution at this time”.

Listen to the answer. 

I love you.  

I'm already convinced where do I sign up?

Journey to Freedom 

Journey to Freedom is made with LOVE. It's the deepest I've ever gone in my work.

This work is what I came here to do. The rest has simply been preparation for this. (I just thought my CV was a mess).  Ooh it was scary putting this into the world! My ego told me lawyers would ask for their money back because it was too “spiritual”. I learned so much about stepping through my own fear... But it has been received with SUCH LOVE by everyone who has taken it.

If you are stuck in your own suffering, you cannot help others. This is why lawyers have to awaken to the truth of their own Divinity, and understand how creation works, before they can help their clients. I mean really help - as in setting them entirely free, helping the client evolve - not just giving them some legal advice.

If you're a lawyer:

Every human, but ESPECIALLY lawyers, is required to understand the Law of Oneness. This is the foundation of the next legal system. The understanding that All are One. 

Underneath is the intention to eliminate, to transmute, all structures, institutions and paradigms built on fear, including any aspects of the current legal system built on fear. 

But we have to start with ourselves! And that means we need to start separating the voice of our ego inside us, from who we truly are. This is the only way to create the changes you want in your life - to break free from your own ego playing tapes from the past that keep you stuck in old patterns. 

In J2F we gently explore 

  1. accepting what is
  2. Reclaiming our  worthiness
  3. Remembering our Divinity. 

Next round starts 23 January  - 13 February 2023


Channelled Message for Myself

"In the legal profession are those awakening and it is vital they have someone to turn to, to hold their new power coming in and ensure they can ground it, centre it, and then channel it in the appropriate direction. It would not be good if these individuals were not able to give themselves fully for one of any multitude of reasons. They are afraid of giving up who they used to be; or afraid they don't know what they are to do; or afraid they dont have some of the skills required, or afraid they don’t have enough resources, energy and or financial. You are here to show them there are no obstacles other than the ones they see in their own minds."

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What some clients have said


A few more things... 


This course will operate on you energetically, it's not about "learning" things from the mind though you will learn such things too. 

Mostly the course will activate your frequency by listening to my voice. Everything is frequency I am being shown this increasingly.  Your experience of the world is entirely created from your FREQUENCY, the tone that you're carrying. You can also think of this as a colour: on a good day you're radiating like a sunbeam, on a bad one you're like a dark cloud. Or think of it as a tone: the note you are carrying in your body at any particular time. When you apply your mind to it, you ARE already aware of this, you just haven't thought of it in these terms before. As you learn to raise your frequency, your life changes as if by magic. 

So you will benefit from this program regardless. However, if you really want to start creating a FREE LIFE, ie creating what you want, financial abundance, harmonious relationships, deep connections with "strangers", then you need to integrate the lessons. 

You'll also need to start making the changes suggested by the Council of Light in these messages. I know this because I channel messages for myself frequently and you’d think I’d be completely enlightened if you read all the brilliance I have channeled! Yet here I am, knee deep in my own self-limiting patterns a lot of the time! 

The truth is that we can ALL tap into higher wisdom - it just takes time to develop this ability and of course many of us were raised to be cut off from our intuitive and psychic abilities. 

PS. If you know you need this decide that it’s done and call for Divine Support in making the money available to you. Do let not let any limiting belief stop you if part of you is trying to nudge you towards taking this course. You have enough time, you have enough money. Declare this to be so. And so it is. 

Can't wait to meet you! 

One payment



  • A voluntary pre course online gathering to connect us as a group and create a sacred container
  • 21 days of guidance and heart opening channelled messages

  • a post course online gathering to close out our experience
Ooh I can't wait to start!
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Who is Amanda?

A human remembering she's a Divine Being of Light!

I'm here at this particular time of the Great Awakening on Planet Earth to help all humans ready to ascend, with the niche mission of specifically supporting those who are here to create a new legal system. I began pursuing spiritual development at age 24, it became more and more central to my life, and now as I write this in Jan 2023, I'm ALL about ascension and I'm literally pulling out of the old earth energy in order to birth the new. The awakening has sped up - and many others like me, who have been tasked with being wayshowers, are experiencing radical shifts in our reality. It's disorientating, confusing, humbling, challenging and then...OH MY GOD there are the tastes of bliss, and Oneness that I get, sometimes fleetingly, and then I just GET it all. It's no longer "academic" or "theory" and I just want to share the world we're moving into and help everyone. 

 Like all of us, I’ve spent years making sense of my earlier life. I grew up with much privilege but my pain came from being a highly emotional and intuitive person raised in a family and culture that taught me only to ignore that part of me. I always thought something was wrong with me - now I know it’s not me, it is our civilisation that does not support the flourishing of the human soul. (update: I only discovered in 2022 that our planet has been enslaved for millennia. Of course the majority of people don't know because the enslavement constituted dumbing us down so humans would not know they are Divine Light Beings. Look, it's a trip this awakening - and as a once-lawyer "logical" person, this all made no sense until now.)

My trauma-based response, like many, led to developing a severe alcohol and drug addiction but fortunately at 24 years old I got clean and started a new life and have been able to use my suffering to help others. My biggest learnings have been, and continue to be those in self-love and self-worth - this stuff just doesn’t come easy to many of us. I still have to work hard on treating myself with compassion and this hard won skill is therefore something I really enjoy coaching others in.  

Having worked as an attorney, a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs and an organizational development consultant, I have an expansive and multi-disciplinary background. I no longer practise law, I work with those lawyers who have incarnated at this time to birth the next legal system based on higher consciousness. 

Although I’ve been channeling for 8 years at the time of writing this, there is still a lawyerly, left brain part of me that finds receiving communication from non-physical entities quite bizarre! But I know it is just my ego that wants to make sense of everything.

My ascension is now pretty rapid. I'm here to serve you if your heart is calling you at this momentous time. You have to be ready. it's a wild ride, but please trust me, it's why you're here. The loss, the suffering, all you've endured is going to be transmuted as we ascend together. There is nothing more important than waking up to your Divinity at this time. The rest is all illusion. I can't even coach people in the same way I did last year because I see through the illusions and old Earth too much now. I'll help you make sense of it all. And just a note: the ascension process will occur anyway - YOU get to decide whether you rock it, creating a life of bliss and ease, or get dragged kicking and screaming trying to hold onto your old identity and ego self. I'd pick the Higher Timeline! 

The joy I get from helping others using my spiritual gifts is indescribable. I continue to be blown away by the messages I am entrusted with. Often I am moved to tears as I scribe a message. I am fascinated as I see more and more people channelling their guides and speaking openly about it - for example,  Jeffrey Van Dyk is an ex Microsoft guru who now coaches entrepreneurs who are changemakers, and he has multiple videos of him channelling information. He helped me get the courage to come out of the closet about my channelling abilities. 

If only I could give you a GLIMPSE of what lies in store for you, you'd be shouting "sign me up for ALL of it!!". But this is a journey of discovering your sovereignty. Your soul must be ready to advance. I look forward to welcoming you with open arms when you're ready! 

Interested in a Personal Reading with your Spirit Guides? 

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Anonymous Lawyer, New York on her personal reading with Amanda

“Amanda has a bright and luminous soul and there is something special when someone is tapping into their inner truth and using that to help others. I met Amanda to receive a 'reading' from her. When we first met, I was giddy but hesitant. This was someone whose story inspired me in Lawyers as Changemakers but I did not know what to really expect when a colleague tells you 'this woman channels your guides and can change your life'. While I may be more open than most lawyers to something alternative/spiritual/unexplainable, if you're hesitant know that Amanda herself is right there with the left-brained rest of us, having questioned and pushed back against this gift for years. We are all lucky she's instead chosen to fully embrace it now.

When I read what she wrote for me, I burst into tears. Amanda has a way of tuning in to who each of us are, what is happening in our lives, and somehow carrying onto paper the things we need to hear that we weren't really aware of (and that she isn't even fully lucid on after putting it to paper).

I am still looking back, months later, on those four pages of wisdom, finding deeper understanding as time passes. I don't know how Amanda has developed this skill, but I don't need to know how, I just know that Amanda has the potential to bring so much healing to others by tuning into her gift and I hope you have the chance to work with her when it feels right as well.”

I want to know what MY guides have to say about my life please!

Extract from a Channelled Message for a lawyer client

"You have taken some courageous steps recently to pursue the work that most fulfills you, healing conflicts in a meaningful way, that brings true peace to the participants and not the hollow victory of a legal triumph after a fraught and painful battle. It was the right thing to do and you will be supported in this work but as you acknowledge it will take a little time to find your way in this new path. Attracting clients to you will be necessary but right now you are holding fear around this, and without even knowing it, this fear acts as a repelling force! Perhaps it is because you fear having to “sell” yourself and this is why we wish you to shift your perspective on what needs to be done. What is required is that you strengthen your light, so that those who are in darkness (the darkness of all the pain that being in conflict can bring), can see your light from afar and seek you out. When you see it this way, it is not about “selling” or pushing yourself onto people, it is ensuring your light is strong enough. People need to be able to find you!”

Want an idea of the type of insights our spiritual guides can provide us?

Here is a message I channelled for myself at one of my many moments of self doubt about my own career: 

It is by no means new to you that you possess a unique set of skills around the transformation of the legal systems available at this time. Watch how your mind is determined to push you down at every turn by imagining all the people who could possibly know more than you about a certain topic. Yes, sometimes you see the information so much faster in your mind than you are able to write it. This is why we encourage you to start speaking as a form of channeling, so that you can start to get used to a freer flow of information. The images were of how this has been a lifetime pattern for you, of putting yourself down. This a low vibrational pattern that no longer serves you. You may have been schooled that this is humility, not to shine one’s light too brightly and to downplay one’s abilities. But it’s no longer serving you to do this. It was part of a previous paradigm but this is no longer a vibrational match for you and the frequency you need to hold. It is a waste or diminishment of your power. Now you step into a greater level of certainty. Knowing you are skilled. Knowing you have an ability to see things in ways others don’t. It does not mean you are the only person who has ever had a certain thought. It’s not about “there’s no one who could do this like me”  but it is about finding YOUR voice. So dear One, stop looking for your limitations and focus instead of your strengths."

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