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Some background to why I offer this service

The world is going through some big shifts right now. We are in the final 1/3 of the Great Awakening during which the vibration of the planet Earth and all her inhabitants shifts. By 2030 the major systems we have known on this Planet eg education, the medical system, the legal system - will ALL have shifted. Hard to believe right now as we look upon the chaos of this transitional time!  If you aren't feeling a bit discombobulated you haven't been paying attention! 

There’s a lot going on for all of us. 

  • Some are feeling a call to lead a different sort of life, they’re just not clear what that is. 
  • Some are struggling to make sense of some past issue that they wish didn’t have power over them
  • Some became so used to wearing a professional mask and hiding their feelings that they’ve forgotten who they are.  

Most of us haven't been taught anything about REALITY - and by this I mean that we are multi-dimensional beings here having a human experience! I certainly had no idea of this growing up, struggling through law school, a drug and alcohol addiction and the 20 year tumultuous journey figuring out what I am supposed to be doing on this Planet! 

The most world-rocking discovery I have made in my now 44 years on Earth is that we ALL have spiritual guides. Those woo woo people who speak about our Guardian Angels were right! And the amazing news is that the veil between this realm and the higher realms is now thinner than ever which means it's easier to connect with our guides.  You don't need to spend 10 years in therapy discussing the trauma of your childhood to make peace with it. There are faster ways to be pointed STRAIGHT to what's holding you back. Then, if necessary, you can do some trauma release work to let it go. 

People are awakening to this - you only have to look at the number of public figures including politicians, popstars and sports stars who have their own astrologers and channels who help bring through guidance. 

I have been channelling since 2014 and I am still blown away that this is even possible! So if you're skeptical, it's OK. Read on. 


Soul Clarity Package

It’s a 3 part package

  1. A connection session where we look at your deepest desire for your career and life right now (60 mins)
  2. A channelled reading (I ask your guides for insights that will most serve your evolution at this time; it takes me 2 to 3 hours) This is emailed to you.
  3. We have a follow up session to process all that’s arisen in your reading.  

I used to offer just the channelled reading, and email it,  but found clients inevitably needed some coaching to implement what comes up. So I now offer the Soul Clarity Package - which is basically me helping you get clarity, through your guides, on what you’re here to do, and what’s standing in your way. We then look at how to remove the obstacles and get you on your path. 

Tell me more about what a channelled reading is 

A reading is useful when:

  • You want a higher perspective on what you are experiencing or have experienced
  • You want to advance your growth consciously - in alignment with what you came here to do
  • You want to be taught the deepest truths you can access at this time
  • You want to experience being fully seen as well as fully loved

I have helped lawyers with a range of issues. Some come to me independently of their role as a lawyer, looking for a new perspective on a traumatic event, a loss or a frustration in their lives.  Some wish for a spiritual perspective on a medical issue. Our guides only share with us information which serves our highest evolution. You’ll notice you get an evasive answer if you ask for lottery numbers! 

Other lawyers approach me specifically with regard to their professional lives. My commitment to the Integrative Law Movement and the global creation of legal systems that better serve humanity means this is the core of my work.  I realised that the starting point for my coaching needs to be a channeled reading, because what point is there to spending hours discussing things with a client which may not be what your soul wants you to be doing or focusing on? So we cut to the chase with a reading and take things from there. 

I'm already convinced where do I sign up?

Channelled Message for Myself

"In the legal profession are those awakening and it is vital they have someone to turn to, to hold their new power coming in and ensure they can ground it, centre it, and then channel it in the appropriate direction. It would not be good if these individuals were not able to give themselves fully for one of any multitude of reasons. They are afraid of giving up who they used to be; or afraid they don't know what they are to do; or afraid they dont have some of the skills required, or afraid they don’t have enough resources, energy and or financial. You are here to show them there are no obstacles other than the ones they see in their own minds."

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A bit about me

One of my mentors once asked me on the spot if I could sum up my purpose in one word. I blurted out “integrate”. Since then I continue to see the many ways in which this is my word. As my spiritual path has deepened, I spend much time trying to integrate my spiritual and human dimensions, and helping others do the same. To put it simply: we have a Big Self (or Spiritual Self) and a small self (or egoic self). The egoic self is not bad - it’s a necessary part of being human. But learning how to avoid being governed by our ego’s fears and self-limiting beliefs, this takes enormous work and courage. 

Like all of us, I’ve spent years making sense of my earlier life. I grew up with much privilege but my pain came from being a highly emotional and intuitive person raised in a family and culture that taught me only to ignore that part of me. I always thought something was wrong with me - now I know it’s not me, it is our civilisation that does not support the flourishing of the human soul. My suffering led to my developing a severe alcohol and drug addiction but fortunately at 24 years old I got clean and started a new life and have been able to use my suffering to help others. My biggest learnings have been, and continue to be those in self-love and self-worth - this stuff just doesn’t come easy to many of us. I still have to work hard on treating myself with compassion and this hard won skill is therefore something I really enjoy coaching others in.  

Having worked as an attorney, a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs and an organizational development consultant, I have an expansive and multi-disciplinary background. I no longer practise law, I work with those lawyers who have incarnated at this time to birth the next legal system based on higher consciousness. 

Although I’ve been channeling for 8 years at the time of writing this, there is still a lawyerly, left brain part of me that finds receiving communication from non-physical entities quite bizarre! But I know it is just my ego that wants to make sense of everything. Every year I move more deeply into the awareness that I am a multidimensional being having a human experience and SO ARE YOU! 

I don’t actually need to know how this works or why I have this gift. I simply know it IS a gift and that it is important to honour it by offering it to the world. I continue to be blown away by the messages I am entrusted with. Sometimes I am moved to tears as I scribe a message. I am fascinated as I see more and more people channelling their guides and speaking openly about it - for example,  Jeffrey Van Dyk is an ex Microsoft guru who now coaches entrepreneurs who are changemakers, and he has multiple videos of him channelling information. He helped me get the courage to come out of the closet about my channelling abilities. 

What some clients have said

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Kara Perry, Attorney, New Jersey

I am not really sure where to start, except to say I feel truly blessed, safely held and divinely connected to something bigger than me after taking in my reading. There is much to unpack, but at same time so much that I intuitively knew, which I couldn’t consciously acknowledge.  

So much landed with me especially with respect to my journey the last several months. I have been dutiful my whole life, sometimes at a sacrifice. I feel so much comfort and happiness at the realization that my journey is uniquely mine and trust that it was  "the perfect curriculum for what is to follow.” That sentence alone provides so much healing and hope. I'll also be compassionate with myself—it feels like I have permission now thanks to my Spirit Guides and you."
Anonymous, Lawyer, Cape Town 

“This experience has truly been life affirming and transformative. Thank you again! Everything they said to me resonated and I cried with both relief and happiness. Again, thank you for letting the world in on your gift and for sharing it. I feel light, love, and free knowing my path. I’ve been on this path for a while but the confirmation is so grounding.” 

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Anonymous Lawyer, New York

“Amanda has a bright and luminous soul and there is something special when someone is tapping into their inner truth and using that to help others. I met Amanda to receive a 'reading' from her. When we first met, I was giddy but hesitant. This was someone whose story inspired me in Lawyers as Changemakers but I did not know what to really expect when a colleague tells you 'this woman channels your guides and can change your life'. While I may be more open than most lawyers to something alternative/spiritual/unexplainable, if you're hesitant know that Amanda herself is right there with the left-brained rest of us, having questioned and pushed back against this gift for years. We are all lucky she's instead chosen to fully embrace it now.

When I read what she wrote for me, I burst into tears. Amanda has a way of tuning in to who each of us are, what is happening in our lives, and somehow carrying onto paper the things we need to hear that we weren't really aware of (and that she isn't even fully lucid on after putting it to paper).

I am still looking back, months later, on those four pages of wisdom, finding deeper understanding as time passes. I don't know how Amanda has developed this skill, but I don't need to know how, I just know that Amanda has the potential to bring so much healing to others by tuning into her gift and I hope you have the chance to work with her when it feels right as well.”

Want an idea of the type of insights our spiritual guides can provide us?

Here is a message I channelled for myself at one of my many moments of self doubt about my own career: 

It is by no means new to you that you possess a unique set of skills around the transformation of the legal systems available at this time. Watch how your mind is determined to push you down at every turn by imagining all the people who could possibly know more than you about a certain topic. Yes, sometimes you see the information so much faster in your mind than you are able to write it. This is why we encourage you to start speaking as a form of channeling, so that you can start to get used to a freer flow of information. The images were of how this has been a lifetime pattern for you, of putting yourself down. This a low vibrational pattern that no longer serves you. You may have been schooled that this is humility, not to shine one’s light too brightly and to downplay one’s abilities. But it’s no longer serving you to do this. It was part of a previous paradigm but this is no longer a vibrational match for you and the frequency you need to hold. It is a waste or diminishment of your power. Now you step into a greater level of certainty. Knowing you are skilled. Knowing you have an ability to see things in ways others don’t. It does not mean you are the only person who has ever had a certain thought. It’s not about “there’s no one who could do this like me”  but it is about finding YOUR voice. So dear One, stop looking for your limitations and focus instead of your strengths."

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Extract from a Channelled Message for a lawyer client

"You have taken some courageous steps recently to pursue the work that most fulfills you, healing conflicts in a meaningful way, that brings true peace to the participants and not the hollow victory of a legal triumph after a fraught and painful battle. It was the right thing to do and you will be supported in this work but as you acknowledge it will take a little time to find your way in this new path. Attracting clients to you will be necessary but right now you are holding fear around this, and without even knowing it, this fear acts as a repelling force! Perhaps it is because you fear having to “sell” yourself and this is why we wish you to shift your perspective on what needs to be done. What is required is that you strengthen your light, so that those who are in darkness (the darkness of all the pain that being in conflict can bring), can see your light from afar and seek you out. When you see it this way, it is not about “selling” or pushing yourself onto people, it is ensuring your light is strong enough. People need to be able to find you!”

A few more things... 

A reading is not about predicting the future, it’s more of a conceptual, or philosophical, teaching directed at where you happen to be right now. It often makes use of accessible metaphors to convey understanding and is usually gentle, powerful and humorous in tone. It cuts through what might only be discovered in multiple coaching or therapy sessions. 

The real work starts with integrating and making the changes suggested by your guides. I know this because I channel messages for myself frequently and you’d think I’d be completely enlightened if you read all the brilliance I have channeled! Yet here I am, knee deep in my own self-limiting patterns a lot of the time! You can choose if you’d like to work with me after your reading or I might refer you to someone. Eg one lawyer needed to grieve a long ago miscarriage that she had no idea she was still holding and she found the right person for that process. We have no idea what may come up until your guides have spoken, so you take the next steps from there.  

The truth is that we can ALL tap into higher wisdom - it just takes time to develop this ability and of course many of us were raised to be cut off from our intuitive and psychic abilities. 

PS. If you know you need this decide that it’s done and call for Divine Support in making the money available to you.

One payment



  • A pre-reading session where we look at your deepest desire for your career and life right now, what's holding you back, where do you need clarity, what shall we ask your guides.

  •  A channeled reading (I ask your guides for insights that will most serve your evolution at this time). (This takes me approx 2 to 3 hours) 

  • Feedback session on your channelled reading where we discuss how you're going to implement insights received to actually create the NEXT VERSION OF YOU. 

Ooh I can't wait to start!
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