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Hello dear one, welcome

My name is Amanda Lamond, I run Awakening Lawyers to support lawyers having a spiritual awakening, and the Ministry of Eternal Light, to hold people through the ascension process. I'm a spiritual channel working with multiple guides, the Council of Light, and I'm on a WILD ascension journey of soul mergers, 5D bliss and 3D trauma! 

I was called to create HELD for all those struggling with the influx of light into the planet causing all our limiting beliefs and shadow to surface. It's an INTENSE time to be alive! 

Feeling fragmented?
All your self limiting beliefs coming up?
Facing “attacks” by friends, colleagues or family?
Disorientated by how life seems to have sped up?

Held will help you HOLD yourself through it all.


Session 1: Intro The How & Why of Held 

Session 2: Dissolution of the Ego 

Session 3: Holding Multiple Perspectives

Session 4: You are Held Channelled Msg

Session 5: Managing Feelings of Overwhelm 

Session 6: Meditation on Self Love 

Session 7: Meditation on Accessing Our Light Through Our Heart 

Session 8: Being Scattered

Session 9: Your struggle is strengthening you

Below are a few of the things covered in Held. 

  • We are starting to learn how to live through the heart.
  • All the abandoned parts of ourselves are coming back to be claimed
  • many are experiencing ego death as we let go of who we thought we were
  • unless we know how to access and activate our Higher Selves we can feel insane
  • Our bodies are becoming crystalline
  • Our perspective keeps shifting and it’s disorienting 

The audios are max 30 mins (I think!) because personally I find anything over 45 mins/ an hour I just don't get to finish! These days when I see a program that promises “16 hours of training” I don’t think that is VALUE, I think OMG when the hell will I watch all those? 😱

I’ve also made it all audio based so you can listen while you do other things, mostly I hope you’ll listen to these while going for a walk.

Held is a collaboration between Amanda, Kavala (the name my guides tell me I have in the Higher Dimensions) and the Council of Light. I've decided to embrace ALL of who I am, just share it like it is. It's raw, vulnerable and comes from the heart. You may sense the channelled messages are at a very high frequency. 

May this be balm for your soul during this tumultuous time.