Metaphysical Council Membership 6 payments

6 monthly payments of $77.00 USD


If you want to work with me, Amanda Lamond, and other legal lightworkers, please join the Legal Lightworkers Academy - which gives you automatic membership to the Metaphysical Council. 

If at this stage, you're only interested in joining the monthly Council meetings and receiving the messages channelled for the Council, then this is the right option for you. 


I'm exploring what the best way is to keep THE WORK AND MESSAGES OF the council organised and easily accessible. The channeled messages may be put into the Course portal in due course so that members can go through them with ease. 

This is a work in progress!  Please bear with me - and send any suggestions for how this could best work for members to get the maximum value from their participation. 

What People Are Saying:

Amanda's channelled guidance helped me see a particular pattern I was playing out and a past wound that had been hovering on the horizon of my conscious awareness.Seeing what was actually going on helped me shift and make subtle but significant changes, make choices and take action that may not have been so obvious before.

Wendy Ward

I received information that deeply resonated with me about the direction of my life's work. I've found that I'm more at peace than I've ever been and I hold within my heart what the Spirit Guides communicated to Amanda.

Kelly McGrath

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Metaphysical Council Member Agreement

  1. I commit for the designated period to support the work of the Metaphysical Council of Law and enable the concepts and ideas about a new legal system based on love to move from the realm of ideas to 3rd dimensional form. 
  2. I commit to follow my intuition about what feels GOOD and RIGHT and JOYOUS and to raise any concerns I may have with Amanda Lamond or other members, timeously and with HONESTY and COMPASSION so together we can work through them and maintain the high vibration of the Council. 
  3. I understand that there are intended to be 12 members of this council and it is not yet known who all of these are but I trust I can play my part in making the council visible so those intended to join it will come to know of its existence. 
  4. I understand this Council was initiated by Spirit and is directed by Higher Beings and as such the Council may change shape and form as more directives are received. I commit to remain open minded and open hearted about the changes that may be required. 
  5.  I understand that the Great Awakening is bigger than we can currently fathom and that there are agendas at play in the world to suppress it, which include tactics to divide people and make them fearful. I commit to remain aware of this and do my utmost not to succumb to these programmes of fear and division along any lines including but not limited to differing political beliefs, religious beliefs and medical beliefs. 
  6. I endeavour not to judge others who see things differently to me, and instead to go within to discover what inside me, is creating this trigger point or conflict. 
  7. As we look upon our planet in turmoil, I commit to seek the Light and Be the Light as well as maintain a sense of humour and help all Council members to do the same.