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Waterfall of Wisdom

Dear One, just being awake on this planet at this time is an extraordinary feat.
Just the fact you’re refusing to be brainwashed by what passes as entertainment, that you’re LISTENING to your soul, that you’re healing your trauma and going within, all these things are miracles. If only you could see this from our perspective.

~ The Council of Light 

Hello dear soul who's found their way here, welcome to my world, I want to shower you with the love, insights and truth the Council of Light share with me.  

Waterfall of Wisdom is for you if:

  • you're on the awakening path
  • you're either in the middle of some unworthiness stuff coming up, or you know that feeling unworthy is something that crops up again and again as you take steps towards your true calling
  • you're open spiritually to new ways of thinking about things and open to wisdom from beautiful guides
  • you want to hear from someone who's actually been where you are, not a guru who lives a life of perfect inner peace and unfailing self acceptance
  • you're willing to imagine, even if it feels a stretch, that there is such a thing as "light codes" and that information can affect you energetically even if you don't get it all intellectually
  • you are ready to learn the practices that will shift you into your Higher Self, so you're not just stuck in repeating patterns of unworthiness and "not enoughness" and "not belonging" that are entrenched parts of living from the trauma based identity.

This is what I am STUDYING with my spiritual guidance team, the Council of Light. They want me to share the lessons. 

I've created this program because it's what I have most needed during this time. And it came from deep within my heart. Not from a place of "this is a good business decision" or "ooh I think this is what people might need" but just from a place of being called to offer up this miraculous, and yet very painful journey that I am on. 

In Waterfall of Wisdom I offer the insights of Amanda, the identity I tend to think of as “myself” who still has unworthiness and scarcity issues which she carries shame about...AND I also share the perspective of my Higher Self, who’s a rockstar, totally dialled in to all the realms and multiple channels of higher wisdom. Right now I'm learning how to move between the two - it's WILD.  I'm learning HOW to hold the frequency of my Higher Self and I'm being shown that I MUST teach what I am learning. 

This program is for ANYONE that is a vibrational match for it. My work used to be aimed at lawyers, but this is now only a part of what I offer. But my platform is still based on Awakening Lawyers until I create the new Ministry of Eternal Light website! 

Waterfall of Wisdom is my sacred offering from the current version of ME - this soul who is waking up, and dripping in spiritual wisdom one minute and sobbing with overwhelm at another. 

It's vulnerable. 

It's raw. 

It may present you with new truths. 

It may trigger you, I don't know. 

It is for the clients, the soul friends who are able to receive the powerful medicine I can offer when I step into my Higher Self and my I Am Presence. 

I want to see clients weep joyful tears as they come home to themselves, experience their own Light and connect with their Worthiness. 

It’s why I came. 
There is no long sales page for this program...it's bubbling out of me as I write this, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Your GUT and your HEART are going to tell you if this is right for you. Not pages full of testimonials and lots of words. 

If you’re struggling with worthiness and accessing your Higher Self, and just having a rough time with all the ego stuff we’re being asked to process, stop waiting for someone to give you permission. Waterfall of Wisdom may be the thing to take you to a new level of being. 

A little about Waterfall:

  • The program is audio based - so you can listen while driving or preferably while walking! (My favourite).  
  • It combines music and my own experiences and channelled messages from the Council of Light of such high frequency that you cannot but experience massive breakthroughs in wisdom and love
  • There are different sessions creating a composite picture of AWAKENING and the whole reason we're facing "unworthiness" en masse. Plus specific sessions on witnessing the self, self love, gratitude, being in the present moment and developing faith.
  • there are meditations. 
  • There are some bonus materials from other programs I've run that I think you may enjoy. 

You will get way, way more than you invest. I’m planning to over deliver 😜 

I look forward to serving you! 


Amanda Lamond (& The Council of Light) 

FOR SOUTH AFRICANS - I offer a lower price as exchange rate is inequitable.  

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2. You'll email me at [email protected] so I can manually add you as a client to Waterfall.

3. you DON'T use this form to sign up. 

4. Read on! 

Because of the unfair exchange rate which does not reflect purchasing power, I offer my work to South Africans at 10x the USD rate, which reflects equal purchasing power acc to the McDonalds index. This means the price is R3333 for South Africans. 

You do not need to use paypal or Stripe as these require huge fees. You just EFT the SA bank account directly with "Waterfall/ Your Name" as the reference. I'll manually give you access to the course portal.  

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What People Are Saying:

What an extraordinary gift Amanda has created! Waterfall of Wisdom is so ahead of the game. Unique. Profound. Unlike anything I have come across. Amanda’s voice holds a waterfall of healing and hope. She weaves music, channeled messages of the highest and purest vibration, and snippets from her own journey into a beautiful quantum tapestry. Amanda is connected to a higher something or other - all I know is there is cosmic care and compassion in these messages. Sometimes I listened to several messages in a row. At other times I savoured one and came back to back to it several times. Thank you thank you thank you."