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Online Programme Agreement, Terms & Conditions

Take the time to read this, please! It’s important that we are on the same page when working together  - which we are, even though you’re purchasing a pre-recorded programme. 

The legal entity you’re dealing with is the Centre for Integrative Law (Pty) Ltd registration number 2013/044999/07 South Africa. Awakening Lawyers is a suite of products offered by the Centre, hereafter referred to as the CIL. 


*We will do everything possible to support you in achieving your own results and desired outcomes

*You are responsible for the cause of all change in your life.

*Amanda Lamond created this programme to assist you in identifying solutions, so I offer suggestions, options and advice based on my own personal experience, training and the information appropriate to this new area of development - the lawyer’s soul!  

*You accept full responsibility for all decisions and courses of action

*You as Client, by signing this Online Programme Agreement agree and acknowledge that the Centre for Integrative Law is not a licensed mental health practitioner nor financial advisor though mental health and finances are discussed in the programme. Though Amanda Lamond is a qualified attorney, currently not practising law, nothing contained in the programme should be constituted as legal advice.


We will not divulge who purchases our products unless this is cleared with you explicitly first. You, of course, are free to discuss the awesomeness of our programmes with anyone at any time.


Tasks are assigned to assist in accelerating your change and the achievement of your desired results. It is really important that you look at the workbook that comes with Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul and that you answer the questions. It’s not a programme you can simply watch or have on in the background while driving. Many of the videos have visual materials that accompany them, so driving while consuming this programme is not recommended. We want you to have the shifts in your life you desire, so remember that what you invest in this energetically, is what you will receive from it. 


Delivering fully automated programmes is new to Awakening Lawyers. This means that it feels kind of weird not to get to intimately know the clients who enrol yet it is necessary for growth of the business. While we find our feet, we would still like to get to know our clients so please feel free to drop an email to Amanda Lamond if you’d like to share some thoughts about the programme and she’ll do her best to respond until the number of clients makes this unfeasible. She won’t charge you for the email. Unless it’s more than 500 words. We’re joking. We may also set up a Facebook page for those who’ve done the course so we can connect as a community. 

Terms & Conditions

Read these too!

They are part of your agreement with the CIL. 

We have ensured there is a FULL description of the programme on the Sales Page and a video that explains it. You should have a pretty good idea of what you are signing up for BEFORE you pay. But of course it could still happen that you’re unhappy with the purchase. 

  • If it’s simply because your identity got a little challenged by some of the content, then that’s not really a solid basis for cancellation because there’s a section on the Sales page that explains this is MEANT to be triggering. 
  • If you haven’t yet begun the programme (which we can see from the Course Portal Page) but decided you’d rather have bought something else, that’s also not a solid foundation for cancellation

But let’s say you really and truly are just not getting the programme. We’d rather have happy customers so let’s figure out how to undo this and go our separate ways wishing each other well. 

If you wish to cancel this Agreement and payment within 5 business days from the date you purchased it you may do so for a refund of any monies paid less $25 as an administration fee. The administration fee is necessary because there’s a lot of work in undoing a sale plus various platforms involved which means the money may require being rerouted between Paypal, Kajabi, the business bank account etc. 

The refund will be made using the platform you used to make the payment. 

Notice of cancellation

All notice of cancellation must be in writing and delivered by email to [email protected]. Cancellation notice will be deemed on the date in which the cancellation is received by the CIL. 

Program Changes

The CIL reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any programmes as considered necessary. For example we may add some extra cool things to the programme! 

Mutual Agreement Cancellation

If at any time either the Client or the CIL believe the Programme is not serving the needs of the Client they may initiate a discussion to rectify the situation prior to cancelling the Programme

Intellectual Property

All material relating to the Programme is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. All materials may not be recorded, used or reproduced without the written permission of the owner.


You understand that all action taken is performed voluntarily and is your own responsibility. Clients should seek independent professional advice before undertaking any physical, business or investment actions.

Agreement Section

By entering into the Programme Agreement either through signing it or paying any amount to The Centre for Integrative Law, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out above.

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Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul


A self-study programme to support lawyers in making sense of the call they feel to revolutionize how they practise in this time of the Great Awakening. 

The Course includes more than 16 video trainings that take you through different aspects of lawyering from the seat of the soul. 

It's NOT like any CLE course you've taken for lawyers before. It's personal, it's edgy, it's a LOT of information, it's challenging, the point is to get you to SHIFT your perspective, start letting go of the identity-related beliefs that are holding you back from being a POWERFUL LEGAL GUIDE RE-CONNECTING YOUR CLIENTS TO SOURCE and thereby helping them find peace. 

Results will depend on your energetic investment.

Please note! If you've done quite a lot of consciousness work already and you ALREADY know you're here to be a legal lightworker - then rather DIVE into the LEGAL LIGHTWORKERS ACADEMY. You receive Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul for FREE in that academy. 

What People Are Saying:

The course has taught me SO MUCH about spirituality, energy work, and unlocked the transcendence of many of the teachings I already was familiar with. I now know what it means to be a legal lightworker: this course has enabled me to embrace that role and to fully step into my power. Thank you, dearest Amanda, for making this transformation possible. This is such a precious gift, for which I will forever be grateful.

Tanya Lat