Living in the


A spiritual community for awakening humans called to serve the Light.

(Even if this calling is taking you by surprise!)

Ascension support for navigating ego dissolution, trauma clearing and density purging as we remember our true nature as multidimensional Light Beings.

It is by acknowledging our individualised Presence of God, known as our I Am Presence, that we are able to serve and  expand the Light in the world at this critical time. 


"Souls choose to incarnate in the Earth school in order to experience the Light, in embodiment. It is a beautiful opportunity, not gifted to all souls, in understanding what is not Light, in order that you can understand what is. You are angelics! You have chosen to bring the Light of God to the Earth, to experience such beauty and wonder there and ultimately, having sated yourself with the beauty and wonder of the external creation, to turn to the Creator of all and discover that YOU are the Creator in human form!
It is simply a journey through Creation that you are experiencing but now you are learning that everything has been done to ensure you do not awaken during your journey, and do not reach the point of realising your own Divinity."

~ The Council of Light channeled by Amanda Lamond


It's a wild time to be an awakening human or lightworker on Planet Earth! We each have our stories of awakening and they probably sound like science fiction to most people. How on earth can we explain we're in the process of waking up from the illusion of being 3D humans? That we know we're multidimensional Light Beings who volunteered to come and assist humanity through the biggest shift ever to take place on this planet? How do we make sense of what many of us are feeling: a Divine Desire buried in our souls that is re-igniting and calling us to come Home to our own divinity?  


"Lost within the wilderness of my own mind" is how one client explained what she's experiencing, while another said "It feels like my sanity is under attack!" We are experiencing the full intensity of ascension as we collectively shed our trauma based identities and remember we are NOT our ego selves, we are Multidimensional Beings of Light. It's totally trippy and utterly discombobulating.

Want to know what one of the HARDEST parts of awakening continues to be for me ? Being in a different reality to many people I love and care for deeply. 

The programming of humanity has been so successful, the majority of people do not know their Divinity or power or that we're in a False Matrix. Unfortunately all religions have been hi-jacked too and have been used to suppress our ascension by a) portraying people as sinful, shameful and unworthy b)  telling people that "God" or "Allah" or "YHWH" is 'out there' in another realm and c) that we are being judged by our Creator. None of these are Truth.  "The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you" is Truth. Finding our way as a society to move beyond the divisions created by religion is a challenging but necessary step for all on the ascension path. 

If you consider your religion "the right one" then the non-denominational teachings of the Ministry of Eternal Light are not for you at this time. 

The suppression of spiritual knowledge, other than church and state sanctioned knowledge, means that to the majority of people what is written on this page will sound like gobbledygook and people sharing about the spiritual war on Earth or channelling Higher Beings as I do, will appear insane. The loneliness of working through one's spiritual awakening is hard and I am seeing it everywhere in social media platforms on awakening. Remember they burned our ancestors at the stake for metaphysical knowledge or practices...

You have a choice:

  • Deny what your soul is telling you in order to conform, maintain relationships and protect your ego; or 
  • Break through the veils of deception, learn how to let go of the fears of  ridicule and rejection and come to discern for yourself what is True, what is Light, what is Love 

My name is Amanda Lamond, I'm an ascension teacher, spiritual channel and legal futurist.

Living in the Light is a collaboration between my human avatar, Amanda Lamond, my Higher Self (who I've been told is known as Kavala in the Higher Dimensions) and the beautiful light beings in the Council of Light. 

My guidance team, the Council of Light, has directed me to create this container:

Dear One, you are heeding our call to create a community into which Love can be channelled for all those who are struggling so in these challenging times for awakening humans. We will support all those who are in need with as much light as we are able to pulse through the heart of this channel, through the Ministry of Eternal Light. ~ Council of Light, July 2023

This ascension journey is WILD beyond-all-lifetimes kind of wild! 

I only started pondering my spiritual beliefs when I had to clean up from addiction and alcoholism age 24. I'm not one of those lightworkers who was seeing angels from the cot...maybe I'm a late bloomer. Once I established the ability to speak with my spiritual guides around 2012  my spiritual path really intensified. Yet only in 2021 and 2022 did I start to see through the veil and become aware of the false matrix. Intense times! Fast forward to 2023 when I experienced another level of consciousness altogether. Oh My God. I was able to experience direct Divine Love, bliss, awe and wonder, for a period of 3 weeks. Then I went through a year long Dark Night of the Soul and as I navigate it all, I am being clearly instructed to share my experiences, and the wisdom I'm given by my guides. 

During the bliss of my heart activation in January 2023, I was directed to begin the Ministry of Eternal Light and to gather those who are called to serve the Light, to support their ascension paths. 

Before you read further - I'm sure you want a quick way to assess if the teachings of the Ministry of Eternal Light, and the Living in the Light community  align with your path at this time, so here you go:  

Living in the Light may be the community for you if:  

  • You are hearing the soul call to remember now who you truly are and why you came
  • You know humanity is in the middle of a collective mental, physical and emotional breakdown - as we, along with our planet, ascend to a new level of consciousness often referred to as the 3D to 5D shift
  • You are learning about the Dark that is coming to Light in these times of Revelation and some of it is really hard to hold
  • You are experiencing confusion as you realise you are not your identity nor personality..but then who are you?
  • You know mainstream news is bought and paid for and so you're following multiple alternative channels trying to figure out what's going on
  • You're learning shocking truths about the enslavement of our planet and discovering a level of darkness you hadn't known existed on earth
  • You feel like you're on a different planet to many friends and family members, maybe even from everyone around you
  • You are experiencing an intensity of feelings like never before - major anxiety, bouts of exhaustion and yet also moments of intense inner peace
  • You are scattered AF
  • You feel a spiritual yearning to be "home", to end this sense of separation that you're realising is the illusion we experience in the Earth school
  • You have experienced "attacks" by friends and family because your new awareness is threatening to their beliefs
  • You are realising your 5 year plan has gone out the window
  • You feel engulfed by the sheer volume of self limiting beliefs and old traumas you’re supposed to heal
  • You are struggling to figure out what, how, and where to offer your soul's contribution to the world and not just work in the Matrix; or
  • You know how you're meant to be serving but OMG the sheer number of obstacles you're facing to get your thing going  has you on your knees
  • You question your sanity at times
  • You are struggling to hold yourself through it all

If this sounds like you and you could use some support to keep remembering your eternal light, read on.

Because I only awoke to what's been done to humanity during 2021, despite having been a channel for 7 years already, I understand that we do not get to dictate the pace of our awakening to a new reality. It is carefully guided by higher beings who ensure we are ready for the massive shifts that happen when we shift our consciousness. 

If you're here, congratulations for finding your way to this page. My guides keep telling me that we are each MIRACLES for our awakening to the truth, despite circumstances on Earth. Of course you need others who understand what you're experiencing!

Really important note:

I'm not here to wake anyone up or try to convince anyone of any truths. That's so 2020. We are sovereign beings who can discern what resonates as True for us at this time and leave what is not. We know we're not our traumatised ego selves, so we don't project all our stuff onto others. Living in the Light is a community for those on the ascension path, who are committed Truth and Light seekers. 


It’s Time To Remember who you really are





In January 2023 I experienced a new level of consciousness, as a result of a heart activation my spiritual guides had told me to expect. I touch on this further in the bio section on this page. Such bliss and awe and wonder! Yet the months of overwhelm that followed were intense and I wish I'd had a community to hold me through it all. Like many of us, although I have friends on the awakening path, it's not easy to find people who can talk about heart activations, oversoul mergers and ego dissolution. The main way I stayed sane was 100’s of hours of conversations with the Council of Light, recorded either in writing or voice recordings. Through these I’ve developed a deeper understanding of ascension and how what I have been experiencing is, in fact NORMAL. Most of us think it's just us yet there are millions of lightworkers (who volunteered to go first) going through the reality shift necessitated by new levels of consciousness. 

It requires us to shed lifetimes of karma, and ancestral patterns, and societal programming and you WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT question your sanity! How could you not while experiencing a reality shift?  

Many people are having spiritual experiences they cannot process - and the medical and psychiatric professions are little help as they are part of the programs running society. More and more people will experience time lapses, scattered memories, your body dissolving into light particles, meeting light beings and your guides, downloading information, recalling past lives and it can be scary if you have no framework for what you’re experiencing.  

My spiritual experiences have been "crazy" but I have been fortunate to have the Council of Light explaining everything. These days I cannot wait to spend time in the higher dimensions. 

I've been hesitant to teach the curriculum I've been given by the Council of Light because I know it's establishing myself firmly as part of the "lunatic fringe" as perceived by the majority still in the 3D illusion!  It is an interesting internal battle witnessing my ego's need for safety, an being liked, vs my soul's desire to fulfil my earth mission and serve others. 

At this time, I have chosen to share my deeper teachings  through the Living in the Light community, rather than putting it all on social media, subject to weird algorithms, censorship and trolls.  

Beloved soul, I know it’s been tough. But we ARE ascending! Things are going to move faster and faster and you really want to learn how to Live in the Light. Because oh my God it’s beautiful to see through the trauma and experience your Divinity! Even if it’s just for moments at a time. We have been gifted a great opportunity to be AWAKE at this time and learn about our I Am Presence and I want to see you SHINE.   

If you have no funds to be a community member, please head to my free audio course, Navigating the Insanity of Ascension, follow the Ministry on social media and stay tuned for how the Ministry may receive funding and change its operating model. 

Here's some of the ascension issues we will support you with in Living in the Light. 


How to navigate the dissolution of your ego self


How to remember our Divinity & Multidimensionality


Essential Ascension Tools: gratitude, witnessing ourselves, self love, presence, faith


Being a conspiracy realist 🤣 awake to spiritual warfare


Dealing with friends and family dropping out of your life - AND finding your soul tribe.


How to manage being scattered AF, discombobulated, anxious & exhausted, sometimes simultaneously.  


Those who don't understand ascension are putting the world's collective mental breakdown down to post COVID stress. It's not. Although that  sh*itshow certainly contributed to it. 

What's happening is we're shifting from being limited to our perspective of ourselves as 3D beings in a 3D world to being multidimensional beings made of light. Our entire reality is changing! Of course we feel mental! Here's what the Council of Light told me:

You will start to feel all of this more, as you continue in your ascension, letting go of the personality. But we sense you fear this, so let us explain – it is NOT letting go of your quirks and particularities! We love the individual nature of personality and as you are aware, humour is very important to us. So don’t think you become “personality less” rather it’s that you soften the edges, you are not so rigid in “I am this type of person, I like that sort of thing” – it’s the opposite of being dogmatic about who you are if you like. So you will not be triggered so frequently, for those old energies will have been cast off. As you have already been experiencing, you can’t recall the past as much as before..."

I have a TON of messages to help us ascend and now it's time to put them into the world. 

We cannot do this alone. Living in the Light is a safe place where everyone is working on spiritual growth and their own self-love journey.

In all containers I've run, most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves amongst the chaos of their lives.

Click on button below to jump you to bottom of this page where you can listen to an 11 min meditative message from the Council of Light which is part of the HELD audio program you get free when you become a member. Or you can continue reading and come back to the audio when it's convenient. 

Take me to the Meditation/ Message by the Council of Light


"Thank you for your work and for offering this to the world! Humanity is in desperate need of your words and your voice and what transmits through energetically. I am so grateful for you. You are a dear sister and it is an honor to be here in this world with you at this time."


“I felt the frequency of this message from the Council of Light in my body as I listened to it. I actually felt on a kind of high all day after this. It was so strong. Thank you!!!”




“Unlike with many other spiritual teachers, I find with your work your struggles are real! They are often what I am going through and I can relate. That is one of the most unique things about you.” 


I'm Amanda.

My name is Amanda Lamond and I’m currently a soul coach, ascension guide and spiritual channel.

I work in two areas:

  • AWAKENING LAWYERS: drawing on my legal background to gather and support lawyers awakening spiritually and who have a soul path of birthing the new legal systems 
  • LIVING IN THE LIGHT: for awakening humans called to the Ascension Path and serving the Light 

I was NOT always into spirituality. I grew up with some religious instruction but no one could answer my spiritual questions meaningfully. I questioned everything. I was a rebel and overachiever people-pleaser, a weird combination leading me to being a school prefect and top student, then getting 2 degrees, while also ending up an alcoholic and addict at the age of 24. Of course now I understand my path but it wasn’t easy. Thankfully, with love and support, I made it out of that hell and knew I’d been protected because I had some mission to fulfil. 

My spiritual awakening really took off a decade later, in 2012, when I became aware I was communicating with spiritual guides while on a trip to Bali.  It took 2 years for me to get the hang of actually hearing my guides clearly and start asking my guides 100's of questions, scribing our conversations. It also took a while to wrap my logical legally trained mind (and that of my psychiatrist's) around the fact I was talking to non-physical beings and was receiving lots of information about my path and the truth of who we are.

Fast forward a decade during which I developed my spiritual abilities, and once again I was called back to Bali in December 2022. This led to a heart opening of exquisite sweetness allowing me to know what the saints and sages were talking about and what it actually feels like when our sense of separation is ended.  Bliss! It kind of began in Bali, but really set in once I was home in Cape Town. For 3 weeks on and off I tasted the nectar of Divine Love, joy and gratitude flowing through my human body and jumped in and out of the 5th dimension.

Sadly, it ceased quite abruptly and I was thrust back into the turmoil of human suffering but far, far worse than I'd had it for years. For a year I felt completely "stuck" in my trauma based 3D identity despite knowing another reality exists! 

To be blunt: I've been through such a ton of shit that has felt very lonely and very scary. My sanity has been saved by these things:

  • The experience of the LoveLight from which this entire Earth illusion, myself included, is created feels so far away at times but I've KNOWN it, so I can remind myself when I'm back in separation, that it is possible to LIVE IN THE LIGHT 
  • My guides, the Council of Light and their extraordinary love and wisdom explaining ad nauseum how this all works, night after night answering my pleas for assistance
  • the many awakening souls sharing their spiritual experiences so I feel less alone 

I have waited on creating this community long enough! I believe done is better than not done, and the threat of perfectionism or not having worked out all the details must be banished! I realise even the multiple obstacles I faced birthing this into the world ARE ALSO LESSONS I need to share with other lightworkers who may be struggling in getting their services to the world. 

Biggest obstacle: waiting to be on top of it all, or at some level of mastery before offering assistance to others. Let's just say my guides have now told me 100 times - I'll paraphrase "if you wait until you've got your shit together and you're in a state of perpetual Zen, bliss, reverence and abundance, you won't ever get around to helping anyone. Go help them now! Share your experiences and our guidance". 

So here goes. I'm being shown the selfishness of not showing up to serve others, when, with all the love in the world, this is why I came.  



“You are awakening to the fact you are energy, and not solid, and energy is ever changing, it is not static. So as you enter into a different understanding of YOU, and what it means to EXIST OR BE, you are grasping at parts of your energy! So let's try to simplify this. Every experience you have had is an energetic imprint. Every memory is an energy. Every emotion is an energy. You can see them all if you choose to, like little orbs, like a little packet of information. Now you are sensing all these energies and of course they are all over the place! You have thought you were this physical being housed in a body - you thought the SKIN contained YOU! But of course it doesn’t. Your consciousness is creating the experience of your body in a particular time and space. So let’s stay with the topic - this is weighty, dear one. You are becoming aware of all the ENORMITY of who you are. All these pockets of energy throughout time and space - all the different lifetimes, the different dimensions, parallel realities. So of course you feel FRAGMENTED! You’re waking up to the fact “you’re not there” - this kind of “tidy” linear collection of experiences you thought made up "you" from when you were born until now.

Now you experience that YOU is far more vast and existing in different “places” and “times” - remember that time and place only exist on the 3rd dimensional plane. You are rapidly expanding and re-membering yourself and finding you are all over the place! Yes, that is a joke, dear one, you feel all over the place, (Laughter) because you are!” ~ Council of Light, channelled 2023

In Living in the Light we discuss all this and much, much more...


There are 2 types of membership. BASIC is Telegram based and will help you with tons of info, meditations and activations about what's happening to us as we ascend out of ego consciousness. There is 1 Live call per month. 

ADVANCED is for those who want to go deeper, to ask questions, do Light Activation and shadow clearing process work and commit to regular ascension practices. You'll have live calls, a course portal to access the Ministry programs Held, Waterfall of Wisdom, Choosing Love over Fear, Journey to Freedom. It's a high level container allowing you an intimate space for divine transformation. 




$99 p/m

For as long as this serves you

  • Telegram Community 
  • weekly teachings, trainings and channelled messages to help you experience your inner Light in a new way and to navigate your ascension with greater ease and understanding
  • a place to share your spiritual experiences & ask questions
  • access to the Held Audio Program ($222) which we'll work through together
  • A meditation library that is added to periodically
  • 1 live session per month 



Save $198 by paying annually

  • Telegram Community 
  • weekly teachings, trainings and channelled messages to help you experience your inner Light in a new way and to navigate your ascension with greater ease and understanding
  • a place to share your spiritual experiences & ask questions
  • access to the Held Audio Program ($222) which we'll work through together
  • A meditation library that is added to periodically
  • 1 live session per month 


$375 p/m

For as long as this serves you

  • Telegram Community 
  • weekly teachings, trainings and channelled messages to help you experience your inner Light in a new way and to navigate your ascension with greater ease and understanding
  • Course Portal access  - instant access to the Held Audio Program ($222 value) and Waterfall of Wisdom audio program ($333 value)
  • 1 x live sessions per month with the full community
  • 2 further Live calls monthly - a 90 min deep dive ascension training/ activations
  • Meditation Library 

Are you in a weak currency country like South Africa, the Philippines or India?

Click this form and let's see if you qualify for the 50% discount on Living in the Light subscription fees. This is an honesty system because I figure if you're on this page, you live in integrity. 


We are living in VERY strange times. There is a lot of inversion - where things we thought were there to bring justice, create injustice  and things that appear to be inclusive are in fact divisive. Multiple psy-ops are being run on humanity to divide us. 

The Living in the Light community is a safe space and I will do my utmost to protect it in the LIGHT.  We may hold different opinions but we don't project onto others.  I highly recommend the Cosmic Matrix Podcast with Laura Matsue and her husband Bernhard Guenther for an intellectual exploration of all these issues. 

For most of the last 2 years I was afraid of publicly sharing my channelled messages and realisations about the false Matrix. In particular, since I started to understand the enslavement of our planet through my guides and multiple other sources, I knew many would not be ready for these concepts.

I feared being too much.
I feared being called a conspiracy theorist.
I feared ridicule.
I feared being thought too “woo woo”.
I feared losing clients.

And I let those fears rule for a while.

And I dealt with the pain of letting go some relationships that no longer felt aligned. The hardest are those people who consider themselves very liberal, but are unaware of the agendas dividing people that have been carefully constructed to appear "progressive". 

I have played small, and avoided talking about the things I thought would trigger people and limited what I shared on social media, in my newsletters and in my programs, to the “light and love” stuff that doesn’t challenge people’s beliefs the way true awakening does.

But all the "fear of what people think" I am told to let go of by my guides. We each come here to sing a particular song, and we cannot hope to find it by worrying what everyone thinks we should be singing.  

Every day I see someone else on social media finding the courage to discuss the strange history of our planet, and even stranger current reality, despite sometimes being cancelled and censored. Many of those who go against “consensus reality” are ridiculed. If you didn't know - the CIA developed the term “conspiracy theorist” in the 70’s as a form of gaslighting anyone who questioned government policy - and they did a good and thorough job of inculcating the term!  

I’m not here to change anyone’s minds or even argue for what I believe to be true, because I am aware that a) there is a “consensus reality” but in truth we inhabit different realities and b) that timelines are splitting and we literally now inhabit different worlds to others, while occupying the same physical space.

I will share the messages of the Council and my own opinions on things and trust that we can create enough safety in the Living in the Light Community that people can respect others' who may have different views. 

It's vital to our evolution to know that always acting in a way to ensure you don’t upset or anger others is rooted in the trauma based identity which wants others’ approval.

  • True awakening is not yoga and meditation and wearing mala beads, although you might do these things along the way.
  • True awakening is not  limiting ourselves to received knowledge which cannot hold a candle to the infinite power of intuition and higher consciousness. As one’s intuition turns on, you can’t be lied to anymore. As we move into the 5th dimension it will not be possible for politicians or leaders to lie to people anymore, truth will be felt. It will be radically different.
  • True awakening will turn you inside out and upside down and definitely cause you to question your sanity again and again and again.
  • True awakening is seeing through your personality, to the Divine Multidimensional being you actually are.
  • True awakening means becoming aware we’re all experiencing a different reality and stopping trying to convince others yours is the “right” way to see the world.
  • True awakening is a holistic experience of reconnecting to Source, (vertical awakening) which turns on your intuition which then allows you to start seeing we’ve been stuck in a false matrix perpetuated by all our systems (horizontal awakening).
  • True awakening requires realising your beliefs are just opinions on reality and being ready to question ALL of them.
  • True awakening means you stop looking outside of you, and realise whatever you’re experiencing outside of you, has its origins inside you.

It’s not for the faint of heart.
But you came here for this time.
You’re reading this for a reason.

Living in the Light is a community in which we recognise the eternal light of our I Am Presence. 

If you’re still with me, then I KNOW you will appreciate me explaining this stuff, because you’ve experienced it too.

We are here to HOLD ourselves and each other through these strange times with radical love and compassion.

If this isn’t resonating with you, then I really hope you find the community that’s right for you. There are many. Oh, and you don’t need to let me know why Living in the Light isn’t right for you or your thoughts about it. Just scroll on. 

Please watch this to get a deeper understanding of  the foundations of Living in the Light. 

I'm told no one watches videos longer than 3 mins these days...but hey when I find something I'm into I am happy to give it 30 mins! So I trust you're the same.  This "brief" chat ended up being 13 minutes...  and you'll know at the end if this is meant for your heart. 

I want to be part of Living in the Light

"You are HELD" 

A channelled message from the Council of Light

This beautiful message I channelled in March 2023 at a time I was struggling. I hope it might bring you comfort as it has done me on numerous occasions when I walk and listen to it again. It may also help you decide whether your soul is saying YES to being part of HELD, this community of people who serve the Light.  

I love this and want to join HELD!
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