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Create a Conscious Path in the Law

An 8 week online group coaching programme for lawyers who yearn to shift the way you practise law so that it’s in alignment with who you are NOW.

Helping lawyers shift from SCARCITY & STRUGGLE to EXPANSIVE & EMPOWERED 

For lawyers who feel they’re on the right track career-wise, but it’s a STRUGGLE. They feel constantly too busy, overwhelmed and the money is not quite enough. 

This is about moving into flow, and shifting from trying so hard, to letting things come through you and to you. It is absolutely possible to feel free and empowered and expansive as a lawyer but NONE of those words are ever used in conjunction with any legal training - ever! I want to help you become aware of the self limiting beliefs you have running and start seeing how you can shift from responding to your life to CREATING IT. 

Every week you’ll receive a written module via email.  This contains the detailed weekly content for you to read.

Every week there will be exercises for you to APPLY into your life.  This program is super practical. So you can begin experiencing the results quickly.
There are a number of recorded videos I have made for you, so that you can process the “intellectual” stuff at your own pace, learning the key concepts, tips, tricks and magic of creation. 
Working on the mental, emotional and spiritual level is as important as working in physical reality and these meditations provide amazing support to your Create Your Path process.
On a private Facebook Group you’ll receive feedback on your weekly exercises;  receive support and advice from other people on the program; Plus you’ll get my coaching and advice.

An invitation to lawyers feeling called to align your spiritual path with your legal practice or to explore your desire to transform clients' lives not just treat their "symptoms". 


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What's covered in 

 Creating a Conscious Path in the Law

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I want to start now! This sounds amazing!
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I'm the Programme Facilitator

My name is Amanda Lamond, and I'm an ex attorney who ran for the hills in 2006 when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers.

Awakening Lawyers are legal professionals who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

It's taken me 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career and to undervalue yourself. I'm now living my purpose which is supporting YOU to fly so that together we create the next legal paradigm our planet  is crying out for. 

You can learn more about me on

We are a growing tribe of lawyers, law makers and law students around the world who have heard the call to build the next legal system. Most of us do not know what this means for us or for the world but we know better than to ignore our intuition which is demanding we go deeper. Deeper into our understanding that we are not just humans, we are Divine Beings creating the world we see with every sacred breath we take and every thought we think. Deeper into understanding our responsibility for creating a world we wish to live in and wish future generations to live in. Deeper into finding peace within, knowing that we cannot hope for peace in the world when we do not have peace in our own hearts and minds first. 

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"An unhealthy and limited consciousness view of conflict is that it is something that happens to us. An expanded consciousness view requires us to accept that because everything in the 3rd dimensional world is created in the human mind first, every conflict we experience in the world begins in an individual human or in the collective consciousness."

~ from Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul

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