Why does everything feel so intense right now?

Mar 28, 2022

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Why does everything feel so intense?

The world is shifting rapidly right now. The veil between the earthly dimension and the higher dimensions is getting thinner. What does this mean? It means the vibration from your thoughts can manifest far more quickly into material form. Of course this works both ways: your positive emotions will attract what you desire faster now, but so too will your fear repel your desires. There are also huge shifts going on regarding karmic lessons and insights. What this may feel like is that your limiting beliefs and patterns are really being shown to you HEAD ON, so that you can release them. It is super intense! Also, many more people than ever before are able to channel information from their guides, either through journalling or by receiving downloads of information seemingly out of nowhere. There is a LOT going on energetically for our little human minds and bodies to cope with!

It is INTENSE. But it an opportunity for self development like never before.

You can choose to carry on with life "as is", or actively work on your personal evolution.

This means that what you focus on will literally create your reality. It is a VERY REAL CHOICE whether you choose to keep consuming media that shows you all that is wrong in the world - and there is a lot of that. Or, on all the things in your life that may be falling away. Make no mistake - a LOT is going to fall away in the next few years, personally and collectively. People are quitting jobs like never before, people’s financial situations are changing, relationships are shifting. What is happening in the HIGHER REALMS is massive. And many humans have no framework for understanding this, because in the modern world we cut off from spirit and focused all our attention on the material world: our houses, jobs, cars, friends. We are being called to go within, and connect with Source more than ever. I get this is terrifying or just baffling for those who haven’t really devoted a whole lot of time to this area of their lives.

As part of my evolution, I've stepped forward to offer the programme my guides told me to offer, as long ago as 2014! It is time I got over my own fears and did it, right?


If you are intrigued by this but feel a bit at sea...

How can I support you in this? Will you let me know?

"Simply, I believe that in order for authentic well-being to take place – both individually and collectively – people must open to their true spiritual nature. They must also realize that when they do this, unresolved psycho-emotional parts of the self will come forth to be transformed and healed."

~ Dr Judith Miller

It is a time of such excitement on this Planet as more and more people awaken to their own Divinity and infinite creative potential. The opportunities to create the life of your wildest dreams are right there in front of you with teachers everywhere offering to show you the way.

But know that the true knowing will come from inside you. Not from a teacher. The teacher may just shine a light on the path. You will find the path by listening to yourself but most are listening to their ego selves, not their higher selves. When we say “self” here I refer to your God-mind.


For you, as a legal lightworker this time we are in means the opportunity to access support from higher realms in all you are doing. Yet this needs to be balanced with earthly support so that you can meet your earthly needs.


This whole "lightworker talk" may not be your thing. Maybe you just want to stop feeling like a slave to the legal profession and to create a practice that feels aligned to who you really are? Those programmes are coming!

Legally Free will also be launched early next year - and OMG I am working with amazing people that I am going to bring on as guest teachers

  • To raise your frequency around money
  • To integrate masculine and feminine energy so you can RECEIVE
  • To let go of hustle
  • To attract high level clients

But now my ENERGY is on this VIP Academy. If it’s not for you - but you know someone who you’d consider a leader in the law who’s also totally committed to their spiritual path and changing the system - please forward this mail. I am trusting my people will find me.

From Brazil, Australia, New York, London, Paraguay I am talking to awakening lawyers and know that those meant for this container will be drawn to it.

Please watch the 8 min video to get a sense of the Academy and where I’m going with all this. One of the most exciting things I’ve been shown is that we are moving towards a future in which conflict will be resolved energetically. After all, conflict is stuck energy! So the lawyers of the future will all be energy lawyers and I don’t mean for oil companies! The VIP Academy will look at and teach the “new legal technologies”. It is totally trippy and utterly exciting to many of us.

Sending my love for a beautiful future unfolding right before our eyes,


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