What "Doing It Byself" Might Be Costing You

Mar 23, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

I've gone "underground" but it's for a good reason that I think will help you!

I've been delving into my business - you know the "working ON your business" instead of "IN your business" part and had the fascinating realisation that I've created the business in my own image...DUH! How come no one ever told me about this?


I have high energy.

I tend to get excited by new things and then scatter my energy.

I LOVE new information, books, series, podcasts.

I am totally crap at systems. (it's a miracle my kid gets to school each day, dressed fairly appropriately and with lunch in his box.)

I am inconsistent at most things: friendships, cooking, gardening, shopping, tidying, art, meditating - but pretty flipping amazing at the things when I DO choose to do them ;-)

I care DEEPLY about changing the world and raising my consciousness to be a more effective human but can be so busy on all this that I forget to be here right now, or to be OK with being here.

So funnily enough...


It EXCITES people when they hear about it - "oh my gosh you're like raising the consciousness of the legal profession!?" and "yes I think I'm a legal lightworker! I want to sign up for this course! when does it start!!" but then people hear crickets for a while as I'm producing content or figuring out systems so it's like I've ghosted them.

I have a ton of content that is scattered between videos on various hard drives, some stuff on FB, some on Youtube, some "hidden" or private content on Youtube; programmes that haven't yet launched; a 3/4 written book...

Systems are minimal, shall we leave it at that? I mean I issue invoices, get paid and pay tax and communicate with people but REAL automated systems? Nope.

Pretty much everything is done inconsistently. It gets done but definitely not at a specific date and time.

My business is about changing the world one lawyer at a time, but I haven't paid enough attention to the here and now, cash flow, small offers that new clients can try to suss out whether they want to work with me, programs that you can click and buy.

Why am I sharing this?

If you run your own practice - which even if you're in a firm, you kind of do - you may want to make a list like I just did - and see what's probably right under your nose, but maybe out of sight?

You may also then realise that it can be beautiful to embrace the journey of personal and business development IN TANDEM. Because as you heal something in yourself, or figure out how YOU tick and what works for you, you can also figure out that thing in your business. Some people LOVE going to functions, others hate it. Some LOVE marketing and writing to their people or making videos, others HATE it. Some people LOVE colour coding their wardrobe, others are happy if there's something clean to wear that still fits and doesn't require ironing. We are different! It's OK! But our weaknesses WILL show in our businesses.

Free 30 min call in which we'll come up with at least 2 action steps to UPLEVEL your legal practice

I really hope at least one person reading this will try this exercise and let me know how it went! I promise you I won't judge. Actually, here's a deal: if you'd like to share your insights with me, you can book a 30 min call and let's see if I can help you and your business. (My insights re "I made my business in my image" came during a FREE call with a coach I was "trying out" last week. So I decided I'll offer you a free session too! I'm going to limit that to 5 people, OK?

Just message me any of the insights you had thus far - and I'll send you my Calendly Link.


Fooled you! This is not me in the photo. But my trainer assured me I'll look like this any day now ;-)


I realised I need to listen to what I tell others ;-) Which is that sometimes we need HELP. Actually a lot of the time.

The first words I ever uttered according to my mum was "Do it Byself". But I'm learning - very slowly, one could argue...It's time for me to get help.

Yet help costs MONEY. We know this. So we need to have a good MONEY MINDSET so that we can attract the money to pay for the help we need. This has been one of my biggest obstacles. I think my happiest news is that I am shifting my MONEY story!!! Money is a spiritual teacher. There is NO getting away from this. Whatever vibe we give off, money reflects it back to us. If you feel like there's never enough, then there won't be enough. Spend time thinking about all the clients who owe you and haven't paid? You create more of the same. I won't go into this more now...I'm digressing - but I have been getting underneath some of my money stories that have plagued me for DECADES.

Last month I could not afford help. This month I can afford help and you know me - no half measures...

  • I have hired a personal trainer 3 x week. On Fridays I make my husband come too (he's super fit so we do not exercise together normally!) and it doubles as a date. We can't argue because the trainer is there and we're too out of breath to speak. So far it's going well!
  • I found a sports injury guy to figure out a worsening "loose" knee and foot issue - all related I find out. I have 7 x 2 min exercises to do daily to retrain some muscles. CONSISTENCY. OH MY! I wish he could've just injected me with Voltaren and said "done". But alack this is usually not the case.
  • I have a business INVESTOR so that there is money available to scale AWAKENING LAWYERS. I can't even begin to explain the wonderfulness of this.
  • I also now have someone to bounce ideas off and help me remove obstacles. He's not in the law game but knows a lot about businesses and systems.
  • I have a coach for a 12 week programme which is basically GET ALL YOUR PROGRAMMES ONLINE AND AUTOMATE AS MUCH STUFF AS POSSIBLE, So you can spend time creating content and coaching people or having, you know, a life.
  • And I'm going to start working with a Wealth Coach soon. To enter into a whole different frequency.

So on that note, I gotta go back to my learning.

I have a strong HUNCH that all the things I am learning about AUTOMATING THINGS, FINDING YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS, CREATING A BUSINESS THAT GIVES YOU FREEDOM; MAKING LOTS OF MONEY; might be things YOU really, really want to.

In short I had a BIG AHA moment this week:

There are so many LIFE COACHES, BUSINESS COACHES and WEALTH COACHES earning a TON of money - like $20k, $30k, $100k months...and living FREELY and HAPPILY while also HELPING people. I realised that there are so many lawyers who change lives JUST as much as coaches do. And if they learned the same things the coaches have learned, they could also automate a lot of their practices and earn a lot more money in FAR less time and reach more people.

Are you interested in any of this?

Let me know. THAT is where my head is at.



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