Time to stop dancing around the edges and go ALL IN on your dreams.

Mar 21, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

 You do have to take massive leaps of faith to have the life you dream of.

I made this video for you. It's 7.5 mins. If you don't have that long, well, you might want to look at your schedule. On the Metaphysical Council of Lawyers call last night we had a discussion of how being busy all the time is the number one way to kill your dreams and miss all the Universal Guidance. You don't have to use the next 7.5 mins to watch my video at all! But if you can't find 20 minutes today to go for a walk, clear your head, get inspired, you need to change things because you're pushing away everything you've probably ever wanted.


"Choose NOW. Decide. You're a force of nature. This path is easy but it's only for the bold. I show up. I do it. I take the leaps of faith. It fascinates me that other people think they don't have to. "Oh I'm just going to dance around the edges and kind of lean into my dream", like are you fuc*ing kidding me? You either get in or you get out. If you know you want something, go ALL in."

I went all in with this coach. I'm so glad I did. I'm not quite as direct in my coaching, but her style works for me! I go for long walks, listen to my coach's audios and get AMPED to create change in my life. We all need someone to champion us. I want to be your champion. To help you discover freedom.

The 30 Day Intensive is for lawyers who feel they’re on the right track career-wise, but it’s a STRUGGLE. They feel constantly too busy, overwhelmed and the money is not quite enough.

It's for lawyers who want

  • To set themselves free.
  • To create more ease around their finances.
  • To play with manifesting stuff in their lives.
  • To step into a more powerful version of themselves
  • To feel what Divine Alignment feels like
  • To learn what trusting your intuition looks like

Don't dance around the edges.



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