Subconscious Soup, Seat of the Soul & a Special offer

Apr 01, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

New year, new energy, new you!

photo: me, Amanda Lamond on my new office zebra print office sofa, a gift from my sister in law.

Happy New Year to you all!

I somehow want to share the excitement that I am feeling through this message to you! I know many people are still exhausted from the last 2 years of chaos and uncertainty and have seen on social media that many feel totally demoralised at this point. But help is at hand. I couldn't WAIT to start work today! In fact I started last night! I wish for ALL of you to feel this way about your work. And it's possible but we might need to tweak some things...

The greatest learning of the Great Awakening taking place en masse across the world, the rising in human consciousness, is that we are CREATORS and have the power of using our minds to create our experiences. Therefore, if you do not like what you are experiencing, you can choose again. "Our purpose is not to have lifetime after lifetime acting out the dramas of our mistaken identities". ~ Tita Martell.

The ego is scared of this - because it wants to keep you playing small, playing safe and being the Boss of You. But when you start IGNORING your ego and all its fears and programming, and start transcending the ego self - that's when you set yourself free and start CREATING COOL SHIT! Your ego will be happy then - but you'll have to shut it up during the creation process because it will seriously try derail your attempts with negative talk. honestly, figuring out this stuff out is NOT THAT hard. Not any harder than becoming a lawyer and trying to survive being in the legal system. But it uses different muscles - you've been training the ego muscles. To create magic you have to ignore the ego!

Subconscious Soup

I started today by reading some chapters of a book called The Ascension Primer by Karen Bishop. Weird looking book (seriously why does so much ascension material have kitsch lilac images of unicorns and stars on it?) - fortunately my guides tell me which books to get out the library. It inspired me to delve back into how this whole MIND thing works. You know, there's the unconscious, the conscious (senses), the Higher Self or Super Conscious and I was looking at various diagrams that help explain it, but they contradict each other. So I asked my Guides for some help. I will draw this into a proper diagram soon - but for now...Here are 3 inputs:

The Super Conscious/ Higher Self (you have access to INFINITE wisdom!)

The Conscious (our senses)

The unconscious ( there is the personal unconscious and collective unconscious)

Which all FEED INTO the SUBCONSCIOUS which is like a massive storehouse or repository of ALL the input you've ever received. This is why under hypnosis you can recall events and details from childhood that didn't make it into your awareness. Your conscious mind is DIRECT - and focuses on specific things, which go out of awareness if you don't focus on it - eg you stop hearing a background noise after a while. But your Subconscious is like a massive sponge, continually soaking up everything ALL THE TIME.

So we have this massive SUBCONSCIOUS SOUP and from this we focus on one thing or another and the thing we focus on CREATES OUR REALITY. But we can only access the soup through various filters - imagine the soup tap has a bunch of built in filters as it pours out. This means you aren't experiencing whatever you think "reality" is directly - it is ALWAYS filtered through the subconscious. It's NOT the events of our lives that create our pain and suffering, it's the FILTER or the narrative through which we view it. Waking up means recognising the filters. The programming is lessened as we become pure consciousness experiencing itself. We don't need to argue anymore, because we know we are simply experiencing reality differently to others.

Philip Daunt, a wonderful lawyer who was a mentor on the Awakening Lawyers Student Programme last year shared his inspiring Game of 3 Rules with us. He gets every client to agree to play the game, which means you choose, for the purposes of the game to believe:

  1. The past is perfect.
  2. Everyone is doing the best they can.
  3. I am 100% responsible for my current experience.

Can you see how RADICAL A DEPARTURE this is from traditional lawyering? He is bringing spiritual teaching to the law as a result of his own spiritual journey.

This is what Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul, my newest course for release in a week or 2, will be teaching - how lawyers how finding their unique ways to practise law from higher consciousness. (hopefully with some guest appearances from Philip and the other AMAZING lawyers I had the privilege of connecting with last year)

Back to the subconscious soup - Why do we need filters? Well, we would otherwise be so bombarded with all this information coming at us, we'd be zombies (a bit like many of us are now, thanks to FB and twitter ;-) Think about how when you need to get a serious piece of work done you need to turn off the distractions. Our mind is doing this for us all the time.

So without making this a 3 page email (which you know by now I'm quite capable of doing) I want to make this point.

We get to choose what we focus on. This is UNBELIEVABLY IMPORTANT. If you are unhappy right now with your life, your body, your relationships, your job...anything - you can CHANGE it. Not overnight necessarily, but probbaly a helluva lot faster than you think you can.

You create the reality you experience. So you need to learn how you created what you currently don't want, and create anew.

My own spiritual awakening is progressing so fast I sometimes think I've lost my mind. I say this not in a boastful way, but it's because it's what I am focused on. Every day I spend time meditating, praying, reading spiritual literature and I connect with my guides weekly. Why? I LOVE this stuff! It sets me on fire! I want to learn how to create the most beautiful life for myself, my family and all earthlings. As I awaken I discover more of my powers and realise humanity has been "under a spell" so to speak, for eons, and now we are waking up and freeing ourselves from the shitty systems that are not doing it for any of us. The corruption and toxicity in our legal, medical, educational and political systems is beyond imagination. Every day we learn more. It is HARD to be human right now! But at the same time, more LIGHT is streaming into the planet and it is getting easier and easier to create new realities in your own life and to receive guidance from higher realms.

Boy, if you'd asked me 5 years ago if I'd be writing about this to lawyers I'd have laughed. But we are waking up as a species. Even a judge had me do a channelled reading for her about a case she was stuck on. Lawyers are channelling light into courtrooms and helping clients access their Higher Selves and understand why they may have created conflict in their lives. COOL STUFF is happening.

And it is ALL about energy.

Where was I? Ok, so there is another feedback loop which is your external reality feeding back into your mind and this is where we get stuck. We let our focus be on this, the external situation. Example, bank account is empty, you feel panicked. Every time you think about money, the panic creeps in. This is such a low frequency emotion that you are actually pushing money away now. Your belief is "not enough money" and you're pretty focused on it even when you TRY not to be - so your reality comes to match your belief. It will always do this because everything is energy.

The secret is to focus on your internal reality and IGNORE, as best you can, the external reality, until it starts to match up with the internal one. That is how people create miracles daily. They choose a new reality IN THEIR MINDS and then they bring it into being, and the Source Energy assists us because we ARE part of Source Energy.


Write down 31 December 2022 on a new document and just start writing in the past tense about the most amazing year you've just had. keep writing. Fill it with whatever pops into your mind spontaneously. And it must be IN THE PAST TENSE. As if it's already happened.

Now every single day you will revisit that page, stick it in a folder called WRITING MY REALITY and make it a daily practice, no matter what to write at least a few lines. When some new project comes to mind eg you want to find a new office space with 2 or 3 other lawyers - then you will write about that as if it's done. You literally IMAGINE it into being.

You will be amazed at what happens.

I have a 30 day Uplevel Your Life and Your Legal Career course if you'd like to delve more into creating miracles, and get all the prompts I use for Writing My Reality.

How are you starting the year?

I think it's the ascension energy because I am just bursting with excitement right now. I want to serve 100's of lawyers this year and really help all those who are despondent with the status quo, to find their role in birthing the legal system of the new earth.

I am feeling GRATEFUL to live in South Africa where it's summer and life is not so COVID mental as in other places. No V passports (which are against every principle of re-humanising the law that Integrative Lawyers stand for). I walked on the beach and swam in the sea with my dog at sunset yesterday and felt high on the beauty.


I will finally write a book this year - even if it's just a 50 page e-book I'm 100% committed to getting Awakening Lawyers in print.

The mentorship project will have its second round. We had 28 students in 2021, why not 100 students in 2022? It's a LOT. I will need administrative help and lots of beautiful lawyer mentors but I know it can be done! My role is to hold the vision, invite others to share it, and to IGNORE any external reality that doesn't seem to yet match the vision. As my coach says, the worst thing you can do is murder your dreams by giving up when external circumstances don't yet match what you're trying to create.

Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul, a self study course will be up soon. IDEA! I meant to create a special offer for my birthday but got sidetracked, then got COVID! So here - the first 7 people to PURCHASE Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul get a special bonus price of $77 because I was born in 1977. I haven't decided on the price yet, but it will definitely be at least triple that. I want to be more playful around money this year! Lighter! No heavy energy! Money energizes us and that's OK to admit! (If you want to do some money play this year do let me know.) I haven't even made the sales page yet, but it will be about 6 video trainings, some handouts and questionnaires and meditations to shift the way you see, and practise law. It's about tapping into your Higher Self, your infinite potential, and using this connection to Source to bring about true healing for your clients, not some meaningless legal battle or "win" that the legal world regards as success.



$77 for Lawyering from the Seat of the Soul, my first self standing online course for lawyers.

It will be up let's say 2 weeks from now. The first 7 who message me and quote this newsletter get the deal. I'll send you the Paypal link for payment by Friday 14 January. It'll also help KICK my BUTT to get it done faster knowing the beautiful souls who are waiting for it. There I just created my own deadline.

if I decide to price this course at $277 - you will have saved $200!


Personally I'm over the "do it byself" vibe. I have a few coaches (different areas), a therapist, a marriage therapist and a personal trainer. I don't see them all, all the time - but I need HELP getting out my own way! Maybe you do too.

FOCUS on what you want to CREATE this year.

What FILLS you with JOY and EXCITEMENT?

What will make you want to rush to work like I did today. (well, I rushed across the garden.)

Tune OUT the fear and panic porn news sites. Ditch the "friends" who bring you down. Wear the clothes that make you feel fabulous. Put on the lipstick or kick off your shoes or throw away all your ties - whatever lifts your spirit - do it now.


I channelled this from my guides in 2021. I know many of you may still be wary of all this stuff - but it is so wondrous, let me take you by the hand and show you the new earth with the help of my guides and your own.

We call upon you lawyers of the light who are here to give birth to a new civilization in which humanity reclaims their divinity. We will guide you in finding clarity on the way forward and what may be standing in your way. Join a high vibrational community and together you can shine a light on the path ahead. You are not alone and never have been. It is time to come together in service of a higher good. The transmission of your ideas will be far stronger as a collective.

You are aware that this is a unique time in history in which systems are dissolving that no longer serve humanity. You have sensed for some time that you have an important role to play in shifting the legal systems currently in place on planet Earth.

You have seen enough suffering.

You have tried to fight the existing systems by using your intellect, because this is how you have been trained. Yet your Higher Self knows that you cannot solve problems at the same level of thought that created them.

It is time to do things in a new way.

Using a new frequency.

We are here to support you to transcend all that is holding you back.

~ Channeled Message by Amanda

I would love to hear how I can support your HUGE AUDACIOUS DREAMS this year.

I send you peace, love and understanding, and some KICKASS FOCUS.


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