Peace, Love, Understanding & Ascending lawyers!

Dec 20, 2021

Hello {{first_name}},

Peace,Love & Understanding

*photo credit: me. It's a 9pm spontaneous selfie in the living room. I'm a bit tired and have no make up, but this is the real me. I'm sure Instagram would suggest a programme that makes me look a lot more glamorous.

Thank you so much to each of you who took the trouble to write to me when I had COVID last week. Each message made me smile and feel loved and I regret I haven't yet responded to each of you personally. The brain fog is real people! But it's lifting. Taste & smell only at about 25 % which is depressing but compared to what some endure with this virus, I can hardly complain. Now I think whatever I feel is plain old end-of-year-itis and nothing 2 double shot flat whites a day can't solve. One day I SWEAR I will give up coffee. Maybe when the ascension happens. ;-)

This is my final mail for the year, and what a year it has been! The world we thought we knew has shifted so many times under our feet, we can't be sure what might happen next. We're online more than ever before, yet many people are more disconnected than ever before.

I have been following several visionaries, and a famous astrologer, and want to mention to those who aren't aware that we will continue to experience massive shifts in the remaining weeks of the year. Sorry to be the bearer of this news! This is not a time to make any big plans or launch new ventures as it will be tumultuous. Yes, everyone is exhausted but many spiritual teachers, including Lynn McTaggert (author of The Bond and The Field) and Lee Carroll who channels Kryon, are teaching that it is time to accept there will be no return to normal. We are in the middle of the Great Awakening and things have to dissolve in order for the new to be born.

If you feel disoriented, alone, like your friends are changing, you're not sure about your career or where you live or who you want to be - this is all completely normal and part of the awakening. Take heart that you are not alone dear one, and that great things await you! Things that are no longer a vibrational match will fall away and you can either hold on kicking and screaming or release them with love and focus on what you'd most love to experience next. As the saying goes, pain is inherent, but suffering is optional.

Personally this year has been one of intensive spiritual growth for me and while my life looks much the same on the outside, in terms of my awakening I am not the same person who started 2021. Most recently I feel like I have had the scales pulled from my eyes in terms of the negative programming that has enslaved humanity for eons. Waking up to the full extent of this has had me feeling shattered, like I've lost my mind and simultaneously exhilarated as I navigate my way through the matrix. Thank goodness I have a few friends, and a few lawyers, on the journey with me.

In case you weren’t aware, the term “the Matrix” was popularized by the 1999 film The Matrix which depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, which intelligent machines have created to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source. It is now the term used to describe the fact that humanity is awakening to the realisation that for eons we've been subject to a low vibration programming of our consciousness. The state of our education, political, medical and legal systems are all testament to this. There is no way to discuss this briefly but the essential part of the programming is that we are all separate from each other, life ends at death, and we have to struggle against the odds to compete and survive while we're here. The legal system is INSANITY when you wake up to it! I will be writing a book on this in 2022!

TV programmes, movies and our phones are all part of this low vibration programming of our consciousness. We are frequently bombarded with movies about cloning and artificial intelligence and weird sci fi futures such as the Hunger Games and The Squid Games which paint a very bleak picture of humanity. It is a view of humanity that is transhuman and artificial and devoid of any connection to God and our own divinity. The Great Awakening began fully in 2012 and will continue to 2030. Humanity has started waking up at a rapid rate to the fact that most ordinary humans are being programmed in negative and unhealthy ways. of course this may still seem outlandish to lawyers who are among the professions most deeply embedded in the matrix. But lawyers are waking up too!

Lawyering from higher levels of consciousness is not an intellectual exercise and that’s the hardest part for lawyers to understand, because we have been thoroughly programmed to believe that it is being cognitively intelligent that matters most. For centuries we’ve been upholding, promoting and training in a legal system that now, as some of us awaken, seems to make little sense. But our ability to see through the dysfunction and toxicity depends on our level of consciousness.

I invite any of you who are curious, who want to know about higher consciousness, ascension, the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, what lawyering in 5D looks like to reach out. I am creating a self study course for those new to these ideas that I'll launch in January. It will be essentially an introductory course for the Legal Lightworkers Academy which is currently running. Actually - drop me a reply and let me know WHAT you most want or need to learn about in 2022? There is SO much to process - let me hear from you.

Our collective ascension process, including the exposure of the darkness, is so rapid! Some of you may enjoy this channeled message

It's a lot to process and for this reason many will choose to remain asleep. But you came to earth at this crazy time for a reason dear one. And you're reading this for a reason too. We are birthing an extraordinary new civilisation - and you get to be part of that.

As I created the Legal Lightworkers Academy a few months ago, I channeled this message from my guides:

We call upon you lawyers of the light who are here to give birth to a new civilization in which humanity reclaims their divinity. We will guide you in finding clarity on the way forward and what may be standing in your way. Join a high vibrational community and together you can shine a light on the path ahead. You are not alone and never have been. It is time to come together in service of a higher good. The transmission of your ideas will be far stronger as a collective.

You are aware that this is a unique time in history in which systems are dissolving that no longer serve humanity. You have sensed for some time that you have an important role to play in shifting the legal systems currently in place on planet Earth.

You have seen enough suffering.

You have tried to fight the existing systems by using your intellect, because this is how you have been trained. Yet your Higher Self knows that you cannot solve problems at the same level of thought that created them.

It is time to do things in a new way.

Using a new frequency.

We are here to support you to transcend all that is holding you back.

And so, I wish to say that FREE WILL and SOVEREIGNTY are cornerstones of the awakening. YOU get to choose. Maybe this doesn't resonate with you - that's fine. Everything has a frequency and you will find the teachers that do resonate with where you are at. Your choice also means you can focus on all the negativity in the world, the chaos and turbulence (it's flipping hard to look away!) and have your internal state determined by whatever calamity you have just exposed yourself to, OR you can start using your God given creative power to CREATE what you wish to experience from the inside out. Your FOCUS creates your reality. Turn off the TV, and the social media, connect with your own heart, your own KNOWING and intuition. Stop giving your power to all the outside people. Humanity has done this for eons - it's all changing. The lawyers and doctors and politicians do not all know best it turns out! We will have to deal with this! YOU do know what to do next, if only you'll quieten things down long enough to hear the wisdom you possess.

I can't wait to shine my light even brighter in the world next year. I wish to serve more lawyers as they awaken, it brings me the greatest joy to be able to live this full version of myself, and be in service to the greater good of humanity. Even if it's small numbers of lawyers I am reaching. Each one will light the way for those who come next.

You're not alone, and never have been. Reach out if you'd like support.

In the meantime, happy holidays. Do whatever you can that brings you peace. Meditate DAILY. Use Insight Timer and listen to guided meditations if your head is noisy. Try Sarah Blondin for a start.

I send you peace, love and understanding over the holiday season.


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