Is there an obligation on awakening lawyers at this time?

Dec 29, 2021

Hello {{first_name}},

As Awakening Lawyers, are we obliged or inspired to help humanity navigate this time of huge transition?

I am sharing the same message over and over right now, but perhaps this is what is needed. I know in my own personal development I have to read a lesson sometimes 100 times before I'm actually able to take it in. Often I need to read it from multiple sources, as each author explains it a different way. And one of those ways, at one of those times, my consciousness is ready to absorb and integrate the wisdom.

The shift we will experience in the legal system is moving away from knowledge to wisdom.

Lawyers will become wisdom keepers. This is what we were always intended to be until the profession lost its way.

This is the role that has always been held by the elders in ancient civilizations, and some not so ancient indigenous civilizations, who were tasked with conflict resolution.

We have forgotten we are wisdom keepers in the legal system run on fear and greed.



It's time to reclaim our wisdom.

We are in a dark night of the soul as a planet and I believe as awakening lawyers we have a duty to use our skills to bring in light.

I am baffled by the silence of integrative lawyers and awakening lawyers in the midst of so much conflict.

Not by their silence in giving their own views - that is understandable as this is almost no longer possible because emotions are so high.

But silence in using our skills to help people manage holding different beliefs, and strong feelings without inflicting those feelings upon others or blaming and shaming others.

How can we, as awakening lawyers, who pledge on our websites and Linked In profiles that we help people navigate conflict mindfully, and consciously; that we train people in how to have conscious disagreements, keep quiet at this time?

Where are all the lawyers trained in NVC who could help families and communities who are in crisis as a result of living in parallel realities that they can't understand?

Why are WE not using NVC?

We understand better than most how systems dehumanise people. Have we not pledged as integrative lawyers to rehumanise conflict resolution?

Why are we standing by, writing publicly on Linked In only about "lawyer wellness" or "couples separating" - and all the things we have been focusing on, and I see no articles on how to manage the much bigger conflicts wrecking our society daily? I cannot figure this out.

Are we unable or rather unwilling to bring all our lifetimes in training to help navigate conflict consciously to this moment?

If we are unable, does that mean that we are too triggered by the conflicts ourselves to be able to help anyone, least of all ourselves?

If we are unwilling, is it because we don't want to risk upsetting people, losing clients, sticking our necks out?

There is a growing awareness that there are some pretty big agendas at play. What's emerging in terms of deliberate policies by social media megaliths to addict us to mind-numbing scrolling from young ages is pretty horrifying. From the perspective of the western culture of the United States, it has been incredibly obvious that the mainstream media has aggressively ratcheted up the ideological subversion tactics in which every topic is being radically politicized and polarized. Citizens are being aggressively polarized against each other by mainstream media so they attack each other and see them as opposing enemies or subhuman, instead of seeing the hidden hand and real agenda orchestrating this play to divide us and destroy everything.

Yet at the same time there is a mass awakening in human consciousness. There is light FLOODING in as the DARKNESS RISES. These are 2 edges of the same coin.

The light WILL triumph. But it's pretty HECTIC right now is it not?

How do we hold all this and still


It's hard because as lawyers we are the ones who are often the most fearful. We are TRAINED TO BE FEARFUL. We are trained to FIGHT.

Believe it or not but humanity is moving towards an entirely new era where the fear programming dissolves. It's pretty hard to imagine right? I mean we have been SCHOOLED in this from the moment we were born. Our parents tried to protect us from the world. We are made aware of dangers that lurk in every corner. (the book The Continuum Concept written by an anthropologist who spent significant periods of time in the Amazon with tribes who have been almost entirely excluded by all modern world influences explains how differently people see the world when not subject to this programming. What we think of as "human" or "normal" is actually socialized most of the time. Fascinating book. I highly recommend it, not only for those with children or thinking about children.)

Most of us spend our lives in a fight for survival, which means that everyone, even those in well off countries, with jobs and businesses, are spending nearly every day worrying about money and how to amass enough of it to protect ourselves and our loved ones - with food, shelter, homes, medical care. Yet even those who have all these things still live in fear of not enough. And it's perpetuated in trying to ensure our children have good enough education as well as the medical care, food etc, so that they in turn will be able to amass enough wealth to protect themselves against the dangers. In South Africa, it's possible our power grid will collapse. Experts predict only anarchy can result. This is HEAVY stuff to process. In other parts of the world there are talks about petrol shortages and food shortages. How likely these things are to happen is not for me to say, but boy are these things bringing up our fears.

Most of humanity can't see the programme because we are inside it.

But many are starting to.

There is a push for a different way of living. An entirely different way of conceiving the world and our place in it.

But many of us can barely imagine this. Only in fragments, when we read of a project, say the re-greening of a once desert area where now there is a school that grows all its own food. Or a project in which prisoners are led to a different view of themselves and become leaders in society, uplifting others. These glimpses show us what Charles Eisenstein refers to as "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible".

If I break it down to why things are so intense right now (see my past newsletter on this here) it's because humanity is at this turning point where we decide which route we're taking. By "taking" I mean the level of consciousness we choose because that is what creates the world. What we are experiencing now in the world is the result of what is held in collective consciousness. It's pretty schizophrenic right?! We are in different realities. And the ONLY way to understand these different realities is through metaphysics. Meta means "above", so it means we need to transcend the physical world to understand what's playing out.

My work is aimed at awakening lawyers - not ALL lawyers, not the majority of lawyers, but the small % of lawyers (who knows how many) who are on a consciousness journey. We are lawyers who understand that people live in different realities. This is why we have done mediation training, and NVC (non violent communication) training and studied Spiral Dynamics and Somatic theory and ANYTHING else that helps us understand that we are having different experiences! What is happening inside me is NOT the same as what is happening inside you. And because we are creating our experience, what I am experiencing is NOT what you are experiencing.

We, as awakening lawyers, have to look at the world from a higher perspective. This what we have to do, no matter how hard it is, no matter how often we get sucked back into the drama ourselves, we have to pick ourselves off the floor, soothe our triggered egos and zoom back out to a meta perspective and then reach out again, and again, and again with LOVE.

Remember Einstein reminding us again and again that we can't create solutions at the same level of consciousness that created them?

So keep zooming out.




Walk in nature every damn day in the sun, the rain or the snow.

Turn off the TV.

Stop scrolling.

Keep believing that most of humanity are GOOD people, God loving people (with respect for all beliefs here) who want all of us to be happy, safe, free and healthy.

Be aware of increasing violence in words, and rhetoric, beware of bullying and intimidation. Call it out. Stand up. Do something - from a place of LOVE, not fear.

To re-iterate from my last newsletter:

As more and more people awaken, we see each other as spiritual beings and start to see that people are basically good! Crises can bring out the best in people! There are billions of us on this planet and most of us actually want the same things! “They” are not the enemy, whether it’s “them on the other side of the border” or “them who look different to us” or “them who worship a different God”.

Unity consciousness is starting to “get” (not just intellectually) that we’re all fragments of one consciousness. We are all deserving. We are all down here on this planet trying to find our way home.

We will build a new legal system that reflects the new consciousness.

This will happen much faster than any of us anticipated.

It means the old systems will dissolve. That is scary. But we must be brave because it is our mandate if we’ve chosen to be alive now, to birth a new earth.

It’s going to get rougher dear ones.

This is happening, like it or not.

And it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

"As you continue aligning your choices with the wisdom carried within you, please know the ebbing and flowing you see in the world is how the collective ego structure responds to the threat of evolutionary change."

Are you ready to create the new earth? Or, to get guidance from your spiritual guides about your path?
Sending my love for a beautiful future unfolding right before our eyes,



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