I jumped, I wailed in terror and then I got to work

Mar 11, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

 I have an obsession with learning new ways to create the life I want (now that I've Iearned it is possible!)

Every day I learn new things about what it means to be human, or rather what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

I LOVE learning new things so this brings me great joy.

I love learning that there are ways to be in the world other than those I was taught and shown growing up. New things are that working hard does not equal more money or success. And, that you can't hear the Universe or any guidance when you're always too damn busy.

I am learning that I create the reality I am experiencing with every thought I have. This is the BIGGEST MF of all lessons. It’s really radical when you start going in depth with this. Because it changes the predominant cultural view that life happens to us, to one of “I am the creator”. It “places” a hell of a lot of pressure on us to take responsibility for our circumstances. But, as I am learning, I’m creating what I experience anyway - there’s no getting around that, it's the deal here on Planet Earth, so I'd rather learn to create consciously, then continue to create unconsciously things I don’t want to experience but that are mirroring my own limiting beliefs back to me.

I am learning that overwhelm is a bad habit I became habituated to but I can change it. I come from a family of very busy people. My mother famously once said to me "too much peace is bad for you." It still makes me laugh.

I am learning that I have a lot to heal around my apparent time scarcity. Writing a massive to do list each day and then beating myself up for not accomplishing many of the items is self sabotage of the most obvious kind, yet I still do it.

I am learning how to trust my intuition. This is WORK guys! We were programmed to rely on our minds, which I now know just regurgitate a bunch of old programmes, most of which I no longer want running. Learning how to IGNORE a good chunk of what my mind is telling me takes some doing, but it changes everything. Learning when to use the mind and its brilliant cognitive powers and when to use intuition is a fascinating practise.

I am learning there are happy, wise, compassionate and highly conscious lawyers in the world and these are my people. I feel at home talking to them, and get really excited and want EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD to know that these lawyers exist and you can be one of them.


The photo is me on my 1st day walking the Camino in Spain. I crossed the Pyrenees that day. I had never gone on an overnight hike before. I signed up for 800kms, across Spain, on my own, with my new backpack, my new hiking boots and trusting my Italian would make me intelligible to the Spanish. That night, sleeping in a dormitory of 400 people in a church, all snoring simultaneously, my body exhausted beyond...I thought I'd made a big mistake. (look at my nervous smile in the photo). I hadn't. It was an extraordinary 40 day experience. Wouldn't change it for the world.

I am learning that I have to stop waiting for the perfect time, or amount of money, or gap to take action. The perfect time will never arrive, neither will the money or the gap! Life will serve up another curve ball and my time will always be spent on a variety of things as that is who I am. And, the money shows up when I jump, and take the plunge on the thing it is needed for, not when I wait around for it to show up. When I brought Pauline Tesler, a highly regarded trainer in Collaborative Divorce to South Africa in 2013, I needed to find a huge amount of money to fly her to SA and pay her training fees. She wanted confirmation if she could book the flights and I kept delaying as I had few bookings for the training. I kept telling her “give me one more day”. Eventually she said “Amanda, tomorrow you tell me, I need to plan my life and know if the trip is on or not.”

The next day my inbox contained an email from Legal Aid saying that they would like to send 50 (!!!) delegates to the training but there were 101 things I needed to provide in order to be approved on their complicated service provider approval process. I knew this would solve the financial dilemma. But Legal Aid gave me 48 hours to accomplish this insane amount of paperwork. I had just registered my company. I didn’t yet have a Tax number let alone a tax clearance certificate, which takes 6 weeks. I was stressed out of my mind. But I jumped.

I told Pauline yes, book the flight. I’ll find R300 000 for all the trip costs, flights and trainings.

I had 24 hours to complete my paperwork for Legal Aid, and HOPE they then signed off on it before their financial year end, meaning they could no longer spend the training budget if the day passed. I wailed in terror and then I got to work.

The Universe saw me jump and said “OK, we got this.” A woman at SARS understood my mission to raise the consciousness of the legal profession and decided to issue me a Tax number at an office that is legally not allowed to issue tax numbers. She then went back into said office and printed me 10 copies of a Tax Clearance Certificate, that usually takes 6 weeks.

It happened because I jumped, not because I waited for the solution to appear before I jumped.

Does this resonate with you? What has happened when YOU jumped? Write me!

If you resonate with the messages of Awakening Lawyers and want to start jumping into your own life, to become the CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your life and your legal practice - then come and play in this place of possibility with me.

I want to support more awakening lawyers to have extraordinary lives. I want to hear about the life you haven’t dreamed articulate to anyone for fear they’ll laugh at your utopianism. I won’t. I’ll see how I can help you create it. We can do creative processes, I can teach you about intuition, we can consult your spiritual guides. I can connect you to the beautiful soul-led lawyers around the world who also want to help lawyers like you, to create a conscious legal practice that brings you joy and fulfilment beyond your wildest dreams.

The secret is you’ll have to jump.

You can sit and wait until the right time. Until the money shows up. Until your calendar clears up.

It won’t. (in my humble opinion)

The Universe needs a “hell yes!!!!” before it supports you. Not a “maybe…”.


I send LOVE to all Awakening Lawyers everywhere. You're my people.

I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a line, and if you're ready to jump - I'm here.


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