I dare you to take 10 mins today to try this

Mar 16, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

 You don't have to believe me, but I know this works

If you had complete freedom to create and sell your legal services in the way that feels most aligned for you right now and you KNEW with absolute certainty it would work, then you would now…

This is one of the journal prompts I have used to set myself free. I’m sure you will be skeptical, like I was initially, that journaling could have such a profound effect on your success. But as you start to awaken to the fact that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, as spiritual teachers and philosophers have been trying to teach us for centuries, you will realise it works. Why? Because as you write about the life you WANT to be having, in the PAST TENSE as if it has already happened, there are 3 powerful things going on.

  1. You are getting clear about what you want. You have to be clear to formulate the sentences you’re writing. This clarity is super important - most of us have a bunch of conflicting things going on in our heads all the time. This makes it very confusing for the Universe to know which thing to take action on. Eg “I want this promotion. Oh my God if I get this promotion I may never see my family. Actually I think I want to quit this firm and open my own practice”. That's what our minds sound like. (I used to think it was just me. It isn't.)
  2. You are taking them out of the 4th dimension (thoughts) and putting them onto paper, so they are now in the 3rd dimension (physical reality) even if they haven’t happened yet.
  3. You are generating POSITIVE emotions even as you write down the great things that haven’t actually happened yet. The brain can’t tell the difference between positive emotions generated by actual experiences or imagined experiences. But what it does, is add a positive charge to the things you’re imagining. This acts like a beacon to the Universe in drawing those things to you.

I know some of this stuff seems a bit woo woo, and it did to me too. But what if they work? What if you can suspend your judgey, skeptical mind for a while and dive into something that completely revolutionizes your life? What if all the millions of people teaching this stuff right now, are actually onto something and you're choosing to keep struggling because you're playing it safe?


I am a qualified lawyer who ran (silently) screaming for the hills because I felt law would destroy my soul. But then I embarked upon a pretty massive and ongoing personal development journey that turned into a spiritual journey and discovered all the things we should get taught as children except that we don’t because we live in a really dysfunctional world. Surely teaching kids how to create the life they truly desire should be high up on the curriculum? But I’ve digressed...

But knowing what I do now, I could have practised differently.

Lawyers are stuck in a paradigm of struggle and hustle because that is what we have been programmed to do since the day we entered law school. We have literally been trained in scarcity thinking from the get go. Many lawyers quit as a result of all the dysfunction and toxicity in the profession and I’ve made it my mission to show lawyers another way to be in the world, and to practise law, so that you don't have to quit.

I work with lawyers around the world who practise law differently. I want to show you what’s possible. My mission is raising the consciousness of the legal profession by making sure you have access to the support you need to shift.

I want to show you a new way of viewing your life and maybe even your role as a lawyer. You now get to be the lawyer you came here to be before the world told you what a lawyer had to be.

The “right” time to do this work is not going to come. We are entering a period of greater and greater turmoil in the world as our systems collapse. You need your own systems to be free.

Please give the journal prompt a try. Just SEE what comes up, let it flow. Don’t censor your writing or thinking. And always write as if it’s already happened. If you want to share it with me, I’m right here and will reply. I won’t share it with anyone. I also get that it’s hard to share your dreams, but I promise to hold them sacred.

Honestly the magic I’ve created with journaling about things as if they have happened, is astounding. And when the things you write start to happen faster and faster, that is REALLY COOL. You know what recently happened? My husband asked if he could take my 30 Day course for Lawyers, even though he's not one, but he wanted to see what I was all excited about and how I was creating awesome work projects that make me soooooo happy and fulfilled!

So that's all I wanted to say. TRY the journalling prompt. Allow yourself to dream. And make sure you follow the instructions to write as if it's already happened.


I send LOVE to all Awakening Lawyers everywhere. You're my people.

I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a line, and if you're ready to jump - I'm here.

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