I can't help running around telling people there's another way!

Mar 14, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

 I've experienced such shifts, I can't help wanting other people to benefit too!

I do not claim to be an expert in living in flow. In fact, I've given up this idea of needing to be an expert in anything. I now work with PROCESSES, and I can tell you about processes that work - and they work with lawyers.

Sometimes I teach them to complete strangers like the Rentokil (cockroach exterminator) guy who I realised was in a state when spraying my home. His wife had some serious stress going on, so we talked, I read some pages out of a book to him, he photographed the pages for his wife and then he started crying saying I had helped him and her so much. It wasn't that I did much at all! I LOVE this stuff. I had a captive audience ;-)

The challenge for me has been that I get myself into a high vibration state and LOVE what I start manifesting but then, because I am super inconsistent with most things, I slack off in the new practices and default to my usual state of being, which is, embarrassingly: overwhelm and scarcity in terms of both time and money.

I have manifested houses, and trips to Mozambique (2 of those in a row) and a 5 star safari, and my dream work and an amazing husband and a ton of other things besides. But I STILL derail and create shitty things too. But I know how to get back on track a helluva lot faster now. These days I use all the techniques I have to manifest EVERYTHING in my life. I am obsessed with this. Why? Because I LOVE manifesting the life I really want and am OVER the struggle and hustle of working really hard for not much reward. But also, this struggle mentality can extend to everything - every time you get yourself lost in research about which car to buy or place to go for dinner or any other decision, you are back in the mind. When you get in Alignment, you use intuition and you are guided.

Lawyers NEED to use intuition when they are choosing clients, serving clients and healing conflict and creating their dream practices that don't leave them burnt out zombies. We are simply not tapping into our fullest potential when we stick around in our really limited minds, thinking we're so smart.

I want to share with you the amazing things I'm learning, and let you know there are LAWYERS all over the world practising with INTUITION and IN FLOW. It does not have to be such a struggle. We were TAUGHT to struggle. We are living in pretty overwhelming times. It would be strange if you weren't feeling at least somewhat FRAZZLED. There are massive shifts happening in the world, and it does not appear that things will be stabilising anytime soon. So how do we cope? I believe we are being called to awaken. I share about this in the below video, which is about 8 mins long. (same vid as on Monday - but who gets around to watching videos on a Monday? I was calling the internet guy and sorting medical aid stuff out. (I haven't yet manifested the VA who does ALL of this while I sip coffee in the sunshine. Getting there.)



You don't have to endlessly try to figure it all out.

I send LOVE to all Awakening Lawyers everywhere. You're my people.

I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a line, and if you're ready to jump - I'm here.

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