Do you yearn to find your people?

Dec 15, 2021

Hello {{first_name}},

Do you yearn to find your people?

Something magical happens when you start to get closer to what it is you're really here to do. You start calling in your people. You connect with seeming strangers more deeply than some of your relatives. You become energized by your work and will stay up late not because anyone is demanding it of you, but because you have so much to explore and to give.

I wish this for each of you.

We are all here to serve but we are not here to serve everyone. And using our skills in discordant ways that don't serve our evolution leaves us permanently drained. At the end of the day it's not how much sleep we're getting (though we need enough of that!) it's that we are literally unplugged from Source. We are not getting the daily dose of energy that recharges those who are able to live an aligned life and know they are being of service to the world. It's not going to happen overnight. But if you've felt the calling to go deeper, it's time. And you don't have to quit the law. Not most of you anyway ;-)

I'm finding my people. I help my people find their people.

That's how this whole thing works. 

We're all just here walking each other home.

If you feel called after reaching the end of this letter, reach out and let's schedule time to chat. One of the exercises I will run with you if we work together is called Finding Your Life PHD and it's the brainchild of Jeffrey Van Dyk, an extraordinary teacher and coach who helps people find their niche. I did this exercise of Jeffrey's again tonight and 2 pages popped out of my head onto the page which I'm going to share with you. Some of you are my people. I know because you write and tell me so and it fills me with joy.

I work with lawyers at all stages of their awakening journey. We're all where we are and there is no judgment. Some have had many 3rd dimensional concerns to concern them, some have had more than their share of trauma to process and some have been afraid of delving too deeply into who and what they are for many reasons.(A lot of us suffered harshly in previous lifetimes for being too curious about the deeper nature of this experience called Life on Earth.)

The below passage may not make sense to all of you, there will certainly be a few unsubscribes I'm guessing but you know what? It means I am getting closer all the time to my Right People.

Here is an extract of the document that flowed out of me as I explored my Life's PHD and the specific people I have been preparing to help.

Who are the members of my tribe*?

We’ve always questioned life deeply, had issues around simply living in the Matrix that other people didn’t seem to have to the same crippling extent. We feel too much. We see too much. We think too much! This deep unease we’ve had since we were children, knowing there was so much wrong in the world but realizing no one was really talking about it. Our attempts to suppress all these unwelcome feelings could have resulted in any number of unhealthy coping mechanisms from overwork to eating disorders or drug and alcohol dependencies. Some of us covered up these sabotaging behaviours with being overachievers in our careers.

All of us were drawn to the law on a conscious level because it felt like law is one of the stabilizing forces underpinning a society. We may have felt we’d be able to make a difference to help people once were lawyers. Maybe we sought power or prestige. In any event, we got to the law somehow as this was a vital step for each of us. And there we learned we could wield influence with our legal jargon and the intellectual superiority claimed by our profession.

At that stage of our consciousness journey we were so embedded in the System we weren’t able to know we were in one. We couldn't properly articulate even what we meant by “the System”. We played the game instead. We followed society’s programming to achieve the accolades our society rewards those who follow its rules. We got degrees, became lawyers, completed demoralising internships and apprenticeships, we wrote books and published papers and we definitely made a contribution to our clients’ or student’ lives but it was short of the contribution we knew we were capable of making.

We did our best to bring in new thinking into the organisations we were part of but so often we found our ideas and initiatives mocked or ridiculed or simply not given the credibility they deserved. We were just ahead of our time Dear Ones.

We’ve spent years trying to fix or heal the legal system in some way and it’s been exhausting. But all the while we’ve been evolving emotionally and spiritually. We have unknowingly been preparing ourselves. We’ve always had the sense that there is something more out there we need to do in the legal system.

There is.

And the reason you haven’t known before now is because the world wasn’t ready yet.

It is now and so are you.

The Great Awakening is here and you are needed to build the next legal system based on higher consciousness.

This isn't AT ALL what I set out to write this evening. But I listened to my intuition over my intellect and this is what I'm called to share with you at this time.

I'm hard at work automating all my programmes that I have run as group live programmes over the last 3 years, so that my work will be more accessible in every way. I've been a bit slack about staying in touch. But I walk in faith that I am guided every step of the way - ONCE I'VE LEARNED HOW TO GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY.

If you're an Awakening Lawyer it's time. You're never really going to feel "ready". You listen to the still small voice of your intuition that says JUMP.

Drop me a line if you've read this far and tell me about your Life PHD and what it's been preparing you for. Maybe we can serve each other during these turbulent times.


*I have been hauled over the coals for using the word “tribe” by the more determinedly woke amongst us. It is seen by some as a word uniquely describing indigenous groups. I have carefully considered these arguments, did some reading and looked also at the modern usage of the word made famous by people such as Seth Godin whose book “Tribes” sold millions of copies and I am confident that the word does not confer prejudice in any way that would warrant its removal as a term to describe a group of people with whom one shares a significant cultural affiliation.

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