Could we talk things over?

Mar 18, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

 How putting "lawyers", "alcoholics" and "feelings" in the same subject line went for me

I was wondering how putting "lawyers", "alcoholics" and "feelings" in the same subject line of this morning's email would go. Turns out it went badly.

Lawyers have a reputation for taking themselves seriously. Turns out 6 people unsubscribed but at least one of them has a serious alcohol problem. I'm not kidding. I'm also not judging. I mean that. I have sat at enough AA meetings in cold church halls with fluorescent lights to know that alcoholism is no laughing matter. Except when we laugh at ourselves! And dammit we need to because getting sober can be pretty serious for the first decade...just kidding. But the 1st year of learning how to live and feel without booze is very intense. It gets so much easier. Happy to talk to anyone who needs to about that. I'm also joking about sending my mail having gone badly. If you actually read these emails, you'd know I am encouraging people to unsubscribe. I'm not who I was when I started out with this database in 2012. I'm also not who I was when people were signing up for WOLELA events 4 or 5 years ago. I'm not trying to change the gender stats in law firms. The Universe has made clear this is not my work. I am here to work with AWAKENING LAWYERS and to be the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF ME. Which means teaching lawyers about their divinity and their souls and intuition and if that's not for you, it's OK.

I am here specifically for lawyers who are awakening to the massive shift in consciousness happening globally. The focus of all my work is to provide emotional, intellectual and spiritual support to awakening lawyers so that they can make their fullest contribution to the new legal system with greater ease and joy.

I'm becoming more radical. I don't think we have time to pussyfoot around the truth anymore. Or maybe I just don't want to pretend. Either you're ready to be part of this transformation or you're like "huh, what's she on about?". And if it's the latter, let's part ways and save us all the wasted energy.

I know my people. They are brave. They want more out of their lives and their legal careers. They've been sold a lie about what a lawyer is and does, and how they have to do it. But they also believe a different future is possible for the profession even if they have no idea how to create it. It's OK. We will do it together. There are 1000's of us. We have time. But we need to start NOW.


Final thing I need to mention

I made a terrible faux pas last week when I included a quote supposedly by Brene Brown which totally was NOT her words. AND what is worse, I knew this but had forgotten. In a brilliant podcast episode Brene Brown and Sonya Renee Taylor talk about how this mis-attribution happened and about Sonya's work, including her book The Body is Not An Apology. Sonya is amazing. So I had heard this story - and then when I was picture searching I found that one with Brene Brown as was like "oh, that's on topic" and stuck it in. Here is the real version:



Send this link to your phone - and listen to it sometime. I loved it as did many of my students last year. It's SUCH a good podcast episode. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE. 

Thanks for sticking with me if you're still here!

Glad we talked this over. Feel free to reply!

I'm right here.

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