Pre Coaching Connection

A quick couple of questions so I can tune into you and your needs. Once I've seen this,  we can hop onto a call on Zoom. 

I'm sure there's a start button around here found it? 


Question 1 of 5

Why did you decide to study law? Do you recall what you hoped to do with your law degree?

Question 2 of 5

Where do you feel stuck right now and could use some support?  

Question 3 of 5

If I could wave a magic wand that helped you "fix" something in your life, what would it be? Write the first thing that pops to mind even if it's NOTHING to do with why you're reaching out to me for coaching. 

Question 4 of 5

How willing do you think you are to change what's not working in your life? Be honest! This is a tricky one! 


20 to 30%








I'm ALL in. I'm over being stuck.

Question 5 of 5

How does receiving guidance from your spiritual guides, as part of the coaching process, feel to you? Do you have any resistance to the concept of working with higher realms?  You OK with the fact we will refer to your being a spiritual being having a human experience ;-) 

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